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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Neutral makeup and Fyrinnae Lip Lustre swatches (yes, again)

To be perfectly honest, I have no farging clue what I used for this rather boring look. I don't have any wow factor here at all. But this is how my face looks most of the time. Although I did pick up my kids in the zombie getup yesterday and it was a hit. You should've seen the looks I got from the women though. Egads, uptight moms- reeelax! Here's my boring makeup:

I'm the poster child for blah on this...brown brown bloppity brown.

My husband did like the lip colour. It's Milani lip gloss in Sherbet. It's a great nude with a bit of apricot to it. I liked it a lot. It even lasted through the barbecue. Yay!

Now on to Fyrinnae lip lustres. If you haven't tried these yet, do give them a shot. They apply like melted lipstick and stay a bit runny and well...kinda smacky. Like you keep expecting it to gum up or something, but never does. Hard to explain and they can run from opaque to sheer- but never thick. They are always rather liquidy...oily almost?

I like the colour shades and some seem to disappear and new colours show up. So, grab what you can. The sample option is gone, so now only full sizes seem to be available. But they're only $4.50. I don't know if the full size now is what the sample size was (samples only are what I have, below)....so if you guys know, tell me :)

Look at that rainbow of Fyrinnae beautifulness! It reminds me of little women in taffeta dresses at a ball.

Lace Gloves is a real beauty and Ice Cream Party is that icy beige pink you've been wanting. Some smell good, some smell waxy- but I don't care. They're a great deal and I tend to adore Fyrinnae anyway- carte blanche. I think that means white cart. Why that would translate into point blank...I have no idea. Or else I'm just dead wrong. Who knows.

I wish I spoke something other than English and crap broken Spanish. American language skills are horrid...I'm ashamed. Moving on.

I tried to get close ups of all of them, but the left side of the shot kept blurring. BUT some of these turned out great and you can see the texture a bit. Isn't Lace Gloves pretty?

Here they are, for colour reference. They're not the most crystal clear specimens, but you can definitely see the shade of colour you'll get. Masquerade is a bit brownish black, like burned wood and I could see with a maroon gloss being fetching as a less severe 'black'.

I have lots more swatches to come and I am sleepy today for some reason. I keep wanting to crawl back in bed under my down filled duvet (from IKEA) and read my Ken Follett book. There's nothing in the world like snuggling up beneath warm blankets. I love the weight of it on me and a purry kitty nearby and a compelling book.

Sometimes I'll take that over Tahiti any day. Besides, no one cares if you're fat if you're under blankets :) Tahiti...well, it's a lot harder to hide!



Robyn said...

Man, I really want Fanservice but it's never on the site at the moment!

TianneMarie said...

Hi Robyn! I know...it stinks sometimes when I find something I really, really want and poof! Not there! I hope you get it. To be honest, I have only used mine for swatching. It's yours if you'd like it! Email me your addy and I'll send it your way :)

MartianDelights said...

Aw thank you thank you thank you !
I am preparing my next Fyrinnae order (well that is until payday tomorrow)... been eyeing KittenMitten's lip swatches and I can't make my mind up, you've just made my task even more difficult ! I think I am after Romantique but it's not on... do you know if they go and come back regularly or if once they're gone fyrinnae don't make any anymore...
I want amplifier and bare shoulders as well...
Wheel looks nice but I have never seen it on there...

Ohhhh so many beautiful colours !

Isis said...

I love Fyrinnae- they are the sole reason that I started to think make-up was fun again. They eye-shadows are ike candy! I was a bit confused over the lip lustres at first, they were so unlike anything I have tried before, but now they are the lip products I reach for almost every day. :)

I just ordered a couple of teh Halloween shades and two new lip lustres. Can't wait. :)

TianneMarie said...

Hi L- I'm not sure. I've seen some products come and go and then suddenly, it's available. I wonder if it's a stock issue. We should email them.

TianneMarie said...

Isis- I'm so glad you know about Fyrinnae!! Do you have the Pixie Expoxy primer? Ooh get it- it's a holy grail item. If you are looking for some other brands to enjoy, try Hi-Fi Cosmetics and while you can, Aromaleigh...it's all so beautiful! Especially Aromaleigh!! P.S. I totally checked out your blog and sister, I need to learn how to sew! I was amazed!

MartianDelights said...

good idea... will have a think and make a list of things I hope will get back in stock :)

Isis said...

Pixie Epoxy is wonderful! It is the best I have ever tried! Hi_fi I haven't checked out, but I have some Aromaleigh products and like them.

Thank you! I am, of course, biased and says that it's a wonderful hobby!