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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

J Lynne Cosmetics, swatches and review

I have this strange love/hate thing going on with J. Lynne cosmetics. For some reason I absolutely love what I got from them...I mean l-o-v-e, but I can't stand the prices and the samples. Not that they're all that expensive, pretty relative. But I've gotten cheap lately. Why spend $12.00 on a glow when I can get it super on sale at Aromaleigh? Or a great eyeshadow at Detrivore for $3?!

BUT I do love J. Lynne's shadows in the Multi-Dimension category and the Ultra Intensity liners. The Coffee House collection I can pass on. The Satin Pearls however are beautiful and luminous. I'll share more, but here's the swatches:

From L to R: Tachibana (Satin Pearl, Japanese Garden coll.), Cougar (Ultra Intensity Liner, Smoulder coll.), Mocha Mint (Satin Pearl, Coffee House coll.), Gypsy (Multi Dimensions, Original coll.) and Femme Fatale (Ultra Intensity Liner, Smoulder coll.) *You can't truly see it, but Femme Fatale is a beautiful black based rainbow sparked liner that I thought was unique and complicated. This is a must try.

Bottom Row L to R: Earthen (Multi Dimensions, Original coll.), Sea Grass (Plush Velvet, Coastline coll.), Cinnamon *FAVE (Multi Dimensions, Sugar and Spice coll.), and Buttercup (Plush Velvet, Original coll.)

The samples come in these hefty jars and are $1.50 each and are written to have 1/16 tsp. Here's that amount in this massive jar. It's that old psychology trick at work here- leeetle amount in a beeeg jar equals to brain = you ain't gettin' much. Small jar and small sample work much better. Even though 1/16 is average (I think Meow and AL do the same) it just looks like you got jipped...see?! That's my gripe on the samples...the colours are beautiful for the most part.

In my opinion the Plush Velvets fall flat. They're a matte of sorts and are a bit chalky and blah. Tell your sweet Granny to buy these. You, my makeup dear of better taste, will lean towards the Satin Pearls and the Multi-Dimensions eyeshadows. I for one, loved Cinnamon. The shadows can be tricky to find. You have to know under which header and then under which "Collection". If all else fails, try the search bar on their site.

Sugar and Spice collection is the home of Cinnamon- a deliciously sparkly yes, cinnamon shade that literally sparkles off your skin. I adore it. HINT: All of these babies in the Sugar and Spice collection are 25% off (until Oct 31), from $8.00 for a 5g jar to a little over $6 US. SWEET!

I also tried the Gloss FX lip glaze (oy, the names these days...everyone's got a glaze or gloss or balm or tint or whatever) in Penelope. The swatch is this beautiful coral-esque tanned peach that I thought, "Wow!" when I ordered it.

When I put it on...did it match? Yes and no. It's very sheer, no real fragrance or flavor (I like mine to be slightly sweet and smell good) and didn't really jump at me. The colour is fairly accurate as you can see in the photo below- but my lips are also kinda dark pink anyway. Maybe in the actual full size you'll see more opacity and wow-factor, but this was a pass item in my opinion.

However, the BEST glow on the planet for me is their Candlelight Mineral Glow Powder
It is a great shade for fair/pale women. I will offer a sample of this to the first person to comment and say, "Make me glow" so you can see for yourself. It offers a flaw covering delicious warmth to your skin that really does improve the texture- not just add shimmer or sparkle to it. I was really, really impressed with that. If you come away with anything from this review let me say this- try the glow powders and the liners- you will love them! If you're jonesing for more, sample a multi-dimensions eyeshadow in the Coffee House collection. They're gorgeous too!

What I don't like: Shipping is $4.50 which I find steep for samples. I would like to see lower Free Shipping options (have to hit $60 to get Free Ship) or a cheaper First Class shipping option. Also the sample jars are huge. HUGE. I'd like to see some baggies instead of the mondo (but lovely) jars. I also don't see any swatches on the site. It would be great instead of the digitized swatches to see some actual colours and more about the textures instead of fluffy names and such. But, then again, perhaps I'm just picky anymore.

BUT they do offer a free sample with every order and you can build an account where you can save your shipping info and such. Overall, the site is easy to use, but with a few tweaks it could be more awesome and easy, like Aromaleigh is.

That's my take on J. Lynne! Have you tried them? What did you think?

** I was contacted after this posted by a friendly gentleman at J. Lynne and notified my backlink wasn't working due to a misspell. My regrets and apologies. Sometimes my fingers go faster than my brain :)

They also mentioned that sales at Aromaleigh were due to her going out of business and that I forgot to put that info in. Which is correct; I didn't mention the basis for the sale. But hey a sale is a sale, regardless of why, right?

Since I'm on the topic, I'll share more FYI: Regular priced Aromaleigh is more expensive overall compared to J. Lynne's standard pricing.

But I found Aromaleigh's products to be the same if not better quality in application and colour appeal, AL had a better selection, more accurate swatching for purchase, more frequent sales, a more appealing website, and a more interesting brand overall- so I was happy to pay the full price. Now that Aromaleigh is on sale (Hey I like a bargain, Chanel at half off is still Chanel) I like it even more!

Aromaleigh's normal price for facial finishing powders was around $14.00-$15.50, excepting Nocturne which was more of a skin treatment per se...dunno didn't use it. That was $29- ouch! But I read a lot of reviews of people who loved it. I don't have any familiarity with Nocturne myself other than a sample I didn't utilize. Any takers, lol?

For a price comparison on glows/blushes/face offerings to J. Lynne, I can still get a more affordable product for the face at Fyrinnae, Detrivore, and Hi-Fi Cosmetics.

On the flipside, I did find that J. Lynne was more affordable than Meow for glow powders- specifically the Crystalline Cat Glows. Here's how they stack up:

Meow 20g sifter/7 g net weight $15.50 US
10g sifter/2-3 g net weight $8.50 US

Other Meow facial items (other glows/primers/equilibrium powders) were between $12.95 and $15.50 with blushes going up to $16.25 p/20g jar for a newer collection (like Shattered Equinox).

J. Lynne Original Collection Glow Powders
20g sifter/4-5g net weight for $12.00 US (These are cheaper, but maybe less product than Meow? But the difference with Meow is about $3 for possibly and extra 3g? It's about what eyeshadow would be...give or take). So it's a toss up for me.

What's my shakedown? Like I said, I like J. Lynne. But I don't LOVE J. Lynne...it's weird. I should, since some of the colours were breathtaking. I don't know if it's just the impersonal feel of the website to me (Silk Naturals struck me the same way) or if it's just well....not for me when I feel there is so much more out there that is appealing and yes, more affordable. I'm not out to offend, but this is my take in a sea of cosmetics and I will probably purchase from J. Lynne for specific items I like, but they won't be in my top 10. Wish they were.



The Peach said...

I have tried J. Lynne. I think my review is similar to yours. The products are okay. Nothing too exciting or great. But I HATE the jar sizes. They are so big, I have them stored seperately from my other samples, so I always forget about them and never use them! Definitely not a company I'll ever order from again.

TianneMarie said...

Hi Peach,

I did take advantage of the sale to get Cinnamon, since I liked it so much and the Candlelight for the comment giveaway...but other than that, I'm trying to convince myself to love it. Weird huh? Yeah the jars stink and I'm the same, I can't keep them with the others and they get lost in the masses of other palettes and such. Any fave companies you like?

Marcey said...

It's been over 4 years since I've ordered from J Lynne. They've been around a long time & used to have very nice foundation. The samples were much larger & she's changed the sized of sample considerably while keeping the same jar (must have 1000's of them). So many of the companies out now have so many more benefits in getting started & in doing products. I don't recall J Lynne introducing anything new in a couple years (I may be wrong) whereas you have companies like Hi Fi and Fyrinnae and Meow which are constantly introducing new products & collections.
You also mentioned Silk Naturals- the website may be impersonal but she has customer comments and swatches which are accurate and she offers a points program for discounts. Her eyeshadows are very nice & customer service is great.

TianneMarie said...

Hi Marcey!

I really appreciate that viewpoint. It gave me pause over Silk Naturals and the impression to give them more of my attention. I agree that J. Lynne seems I dunno 'stale' so to speak on the new items front. I like what they have, but it's a competitive market and I feel like there could be more edge, no? I've read some great things about Silk Naturals and I know they're awesome if you're looking for dupes. I may have to reconsider my stance as them being a bit blah...I do love Intergalactic shadow. Thanks Marcey, I think I'll give SN a bit more looking into. That's the great thing about beauty products...you can always reformulate opinions. :)

Susie said...

Make me Glow :)

TianneMarie said...

Susie, awesome!! Email me at pierce . tianne @ hotmail . com with your shipping info and you'll get a sample of J. Lynne's Candlelight Glow! Thank you!