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Friday, October 1, 2010

Holy Guacamole!! 3 NEW collections from Aromaleigh!!?!

I've been hoping and saving my pennies for a big splurge finale purchase at Aromaleigh and Kristen has delved into her intelligent creative mind to bring out what I thought couldn't be done: Eyeshadows that are more beautiful and thoughtfully monikered than before.

But here's the kicker- not just ONE collection, but THREE!!!

She shared her love of Aromaleigh, her life heading into new directions like a prism in sunlight, and how her little boy helped to inspire these last three hurrahs for Aromaleigh.

I haven't really found another company that felt like makeup home and was such a nesting place. I'm still desperately unhappy that AL is closing- but these new collections help to ease the ache. They're gorgeous....take a peek! Here's the info from Kristen herself:

The first collection that will soon be available is MYTHOS. My son is enamored with mythology right now, and he oversaw the creation of each color and named it accordingly!

Here's a sneak peek at the color chart for MYTHOS, which I completed this evening. MYTHOS will be available in sample sets and full sizes, via the vault sale.

These shades are very intricate, complex and dimensional- and I am going to have to do skin swatches in sunlight, because these swatches don't even remotely capture the "wow" of seeing this collection in person.

Next up will be "WONDERSTRUCK", which is a collection inspired by Connor's adoration of Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" and my recent reading of a very special gift from t3a&crumpets... a beautifully tattered, yellowed and well-read copy of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

(Shade chart to come soon)

Then, we have a very magical collection of intense, fascinating shades called "SPELLS!", which is a Harry Potter-inspired collection that my son has been asking for us to work on for about 10 months now... finally it has come to fruition and in perfect timing for Fall's rich, majestic color palette!

(Shade chart to come soon!)

These are the first 3 collections of a series of creative bursts that I personally feel is the culmination of Aromaleigh's 12 years... if I've ever been at a creative peak, strangely enough, that time is now... as Aromaleigh starts to slowly flicker and eventually fade.

One of the key things that I've always appreciated about Aromaleigh is the very cerebral aspect of the names. There is a lot of thought and time and magic mixed into each collection and they seem to stand alone, by themselves. I've never felt like I was getting someone's take on mixing TKB's micas all around- I always felt like AL was a chemistry and talent that was beyond makeup and I know if Kristen is dedicated to other things like she is cosmetics- it will be a great endeavor!

As I see colour charts I'll pop them onto the blog. I'm so excited! I saw this via Twitter (AL is @aromaleigh) and had to check it out! You know I'll be on this like white on rice! Hooray more Aromaleigh! Hooray!


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