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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

High Voltage Cosmetics Awareness Collection

This collection Not only recognizes those living with Cancer, Survivors and Memories of those who has passed.

10% Of Each sale will be donated to Susan G Komen for the cure.

Represents Bladder & Bone Cancer ..
A very light canary yellow with pearl.

Love Always
Represents Brain Cancer..
Charcol Grey with pearl.

Represents Breast Cancer.
Pearly shimmery Pink.

Never Give Up
Represents Colon Cancer.
Dark Pearl Brown.

Represents Kidney Cancer.
Pearly Mint Green.

Represents Liver Cancer.
Pearly Emerald Green with subtle green shimmers.

Each Day Is A Gift
Represents Leukemia.
A soft pearl orange.

In Loving Memory
Represents Lung Cancer..
A Pearly White .

Represents Lymphoma..
A Pearly burnt orange-red .

Represents Male Breast Cancer..
A Pearly Periwinkle Blue .

Represents Mesothelioma..
A Pearly Cobalt Blue .

Represents Ovarian Cancer.
A Pearly Teal-Green .

Represents Pancreatic Cancer..
A Pearly Medium Purple .

Represents Thyroid Cancer..
A Pearly Robin's Egg Blue .

Believe In Yourself
Represents Uterine Cancer..
A Pearly Peach .

For me, any kind of cancer awareness that includes leukemia is a special one. I know Breast Cancer affects a lot of women and is very 'press friendly' type of cancer. My best friend Robin used to joke that Breast Cancer was the 'popular' cancer because it included two things that appeal to the population, boobs and the colour pink.

Robin passed away April 11, 2008 at 31 years old of Leukemia. She was my closest friend. I still cry once a week and wish I had a phone number to her fabulous pad in heaven.

She was perfectly healthy, ran marathons, did floral arrangements for people like Robin Williams and Sharon Stone. She taught me about San Francisco and was everything you could hope for in a friend. I used to dream our kids would marry so I could finally be related to her and her family, who I love so much. Robin struggled for 3 years. I watched her hair fall out. I watched her shrink to where her athletic figure became soft and bony. She never stopped trying and the 2 am phone calls where she couldn't grasp not seeing her sweet 4 year old daughter grow up are the worst kind of struggle you can imagine. Leukemia arrived one weird day when she said she was 'tired'. Next thing I knew, she was in an ambulance to Stanford. Last time I saw her, she was being treated at MD Anderson in Houston and I remember thinking, this isn't fair. When I hit my 32nd birthday, it was a tremendous loss because I knew it was a year Robin would never see.

So, thanks to High Voltage for including Leukemia. It's not a popular cancer but it's the most deadly and the one that affects children the most. I wish it were popular so research would save someone. I only wish it had saved Robin.

Robin & family in San Francisco

Besides buying eyeshadow there is something you can do that is guaranteed to prolong or save a cancer victim's life. Sign up with the bone marrow registry.

This is a list that is used to determine volunteers who are willing to donate bone marrow if they are 'matched' (suitable dna/genetic match to cancer sufferer) with a candidate. Often times a bone marrow donation will save that person's life. Robin got an extra year to live because of her 2 bone marrow transplants.

Please, take time today to at least click and sign up. I didn't pay anything to do this and it's not painful or a headache. Donation is an outpatient affair and will be cost free. This is truly a win-win, not a marketing ploy, and I've seen first hand how the registry can save people. It's definitely not a money making venture at all. Having options for bone marrow transplants right now is the only effective method that I know of to combat Leukemia. It meant everything to Robin to have even a glimmer of hope and I know if you are lucky enough to match someone, you will be their savior. Please, don't just read this and move on. Please sign up.


The goddess of beauty said...

I miss Robin too! She had such a smile that could make the gloomyist (if that is a word) dark, burst with color. She never seemed to have a bad thing to say or thought for anyone. It was the one friend that I stood aside for you Tianne to be by her side. Even though, I could be there with you. You two were close and she was a beautiful person who brought such beauty to all of us. Yet, when I walk outside and feel the sun....I feel her warmth once more. She made many changes in many lives. For I am one, I don't miss you Robin. For your always touching us when the skies are grey, the warmth of your words and the softness of your touch; I understand now why God has you in His arms....only to prepare the way for us, and to assist us to make that next step.....look at the color she brings......

TianneMarie said...

I know she would've loved to hug you for saying such endearing things. I miss her a ton and if you get a chance m'dear sign up on the registry. LOVE you!