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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

High Voltage Cosmetics, swatches and review!

As I type this, there's this big blocked header that reads: "Image uploads will be disabled for two hours due to maintenance at 5:00pm PDT Wednesday, Oct. 20th". It is making me nervous. I want it to go away :) But I digress- let's talk a little about one of my favorite Twitteristas and a brand I need to look into more:

High Voltage Cosmetics is another indie mineral/cosmetics brand that offers some fun stuff. She creates her own shadows and is so prolific I find my list getting longer and longer of things I want to try. I recently posted about their Awareness Collection and on the right sidebar under "New Collection" you can see she's got some goodies to check out! I'd love to show what I picked up- so how about some swatches?

I grabbed a few random samples and I got a kick out of the names. I love the 90's Collection and it brings me back to jr. high and high school.

Top row L to R:
Playing Hard to Get: A soft periwinkle shimmer
Yes, Mistress!: Vinyl black with a bit of silver sheen
Adored: Pale soft white with a twinge of pale pink
Miss World: Sky blue shimmer with a slight tone of grey

Bottom row L to R:
Paper Heart: Yellow green with gold flecks
Heart of Glass: Mauve hued plum with pink and ivory sparkle
Heart Throb: Sienna red brown satin
Leather and Lace: Rich licorice tinged brown/red with highlights of a brick red

I haven't ordered more but I've been eyeing the lip whip in Punk (a pale peachy pink nude) and right now she's offering a sale until Oct. 31st of buy two items (except lip whips) and get one FREE! Yay! I've got to wait a bit until I do my review/interested item purchasing, but it's on my list, fo sho! Add her on Twitter @_High_Voltage_ because she always has great product updates and interesting things to say. I really have liked what I've ordered from High Voltage and I hope to give them a retry soon!


SilhouetteScreams said...

I really want to try her Lip Whips! There's so many pretty colours :) Heart Throb looks like it has a green-y duochrome going on, reminds me of MAC Club.

TianneMarie said...

Hey Sil- I know...I have a few on my mind. She just did a beautiful Lime Green and I keep thinking to myself to place an order. But with so many new products coming out, I'm falling behind. How do we keep up :) I love MAC Club.