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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hi-Fi Cosmetics using Eclispsing the Sun, Raindrops on Roses, and Valentine Evenings

I'm running on 5 hours of sleep and I want to go read Hugh Laurie's The Gun Seller and take me a little napsiepoo. Is it going to happen? Probably not, as I have to go pick up my 13 year old from school. I know, this all sounds whiny. But do you have days like that? Where you just want to sleeeeep and pet your cat and not be bothered? I do.

So here's me all edited out with the makeup I did today because I look tired and the editing kinda hides the ol' chubby chin :) I edit the photos because a lot of the times the regular photos disappoint me. Do you other beauty blogging girls feel that way? Like I'll do a great look- posh, fun, bright, clean....and then I photograph it and it's all washed out or the lighting is filmy or well, it blurred or the photo angle sucks. I'm a makeup artist, not a photographer, so my work just isn't getting good airplay; dang it- although I can take a decent shot. I'm artsy, so it's easy. But when my regular photos are a bit of a bomb, I'm grateful I can edit them. I would love to get Photoshop someday as it's expensive. In the meantime, here's my stuff:

Get ready for a shock- this one isn't as 'pretty' but I do like the colours. Here you go:

I used all Hi-Fi except for the silver glitter, that's Aromaleigh. And the eyebrows. That's Erno Laszlo.

The liner/brows in deep raspberry is Erno Laszlo in the shade Merlot.


Lid: Hi Fi Raindrops on Roses, a silver leafed soft plush pink
Crease: Aromaleigh Rocks! Glitter in Mass Hysteria along with a touch of Fyrinnae's Velvet Vampire
Outer V and lower lashline: Hi Fi Eclipsing the Sun, a complicated red orange with a duochrome golden fire and a bit of cranberry.
Outer highlight and lower browbone: Hi Fi Valentine Evenings, a gilded coppery tan with sparks of orange and gold.

Lips are the same liner I used for the brows, heavy with Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush gloss in Piece of Cake and a bit of Valentine Evenings shadow on the center. I kinda don't like lip close ups sometimes...they look messy, when in the whole face, it looks fine. What do you think?
Below are both eyes. I did a different take on the silver glitter. On my right eye the silver is in the crease. On my left eye it's below, on the lower lashliner. Like a pinwheel :)

I look like I'm on the phone and someone just told me my cat got run over. Nope it's 5 hours of sleep and I'm talking to my sister/friend Janette who I love and we gab makeup and life and parenting and she makes me laugh so much I cry. She's my saving grace many many days.
I told her I was going to make a fake sexy face and post it on my blog and she laughed. Here go, Janette! Now looking at it, no wonder I was single for 7 years...gah!
I told her I was taking makeup pictures and she laughed. She called me a dork. Amen to that.

I'm wearing my favorite Aeropostale hoodie. I know it's a cheap mall-rat store, but I love the bright peachy pink shade and it keeps me warm. We have snow here on the mountains so it's chilly out. I can only imagine how freezing I'm going to be in London and Paris next month. Any Parisiennes want to share weather/dressing tips for late November? Are the lights out that early?
Here's me attempting to be sly. I love my pearl earrings. They were a wedding gift from my heart mom (a woman who took care of me and gave me a ton of guidance and I love her dearly) and I wear them a lot. I think they're beautiful and I have a thing for pearls. What jewelry do you love the best?

Next post I'm going to talk about perfume...I'd love to know who wears what and what you think about it? I see a lot of beauty blogs on makeup, clothes, jewelry, etc...but so few on fragrance? It's a billion dollar industry and I'm dying for Hermes Nil perfume. I'm going to have another mini-giveaway (hint hint it's a book!) related to that perfume...so keep your eyes peeled! Not literally. Ew.



Anonymous said...

love it!!!

KittenMittens said...

gahhhhh I love Hi-Fi shades! Always so complex!
Those are really pretty earrings! My boyfriend bought my 3 pearl bracelets for Christmas last year. I love them! For my 5 year work-iversary they gave me a pearl ring so it's all matchy matchy :)
I love too many perfumes to list. Right now my fav mass produced ones would have to be Alien and Narciso Rodriguez Musc and JLO Miami Glow (that 2nd one I'll never be able to afford) but my favourite Etsy ones are by One Hand Washes the Other in Desolation Angel and Calaveras. One is tropically, the other a perfect fall scent.

Sara.H said...

Love the look you did. WOW! you're too good :) definitely following you.

Hope you stop by and visit my blog too.


TianneMarie said...

Hi Persephone! Thank you! I wish I had a face like Blix but dang it, I keep trying! :)

TianneMarie said...

Hi Kitten! Thank you...those earrings are my babies and I love them! I bet the pearls look so pretty on you. Dark hair and pearls are so mysterious. I hate how some fragrances are so pricey! I'd get a small vial on Ebay (sorry I keep saying that on prior posts too, but it's a good way to stock up cheap). I'll check out OHWTO!

TianneMarie said...

Hi Sara! Thank you!! I appreciate that quite a bit! I will for sure check out your blog and I hope you continue to like mine. I love feedback, so I hope to hear from you often! :)