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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fyrinnae Dia de los Muertos swatches and review

I love the Day of the Dead- the artistry, love, and honor of it and I did the makeup the other day (I may do another sometime) and of course when I saw Fyrinnae had a Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos collection, I had to see it firsthand. I know Fyrinnae is top quality, so I never worry I'll get a bum shade I won't like.

It came in great skull and crossbones paper and a kind handwritten thank you. No other package (maybe Aromaleigh) gets me as hyped up as Fyrinnae. I just know they're going to be lovely. Here's the collection a la jar.
Beginning with the top row, left to right: Sugar Skulls, La Noche, Calavera Cupcakes, Eternal Innocence. Bottom row, left to right: Danse Macabre, Catrina Cabaret, Sacred, and Te Amo.
I'm missing Madame and Eve's in this photo above. I missed it in the shot, but I have it in the jar photos below. Whoops :).
Mauve based rose pink with red and pink sparkle. Very shimmery shade.

Deep royal blue with a purple interference and rich blue and purple sparkle.

Ranges from grey to a sooty pink (almost duochrome) with ivory and silver shimmer.

Grass green with green and yellow sparkle.

Deep yellow green with yellow undertone (almost duochrome as well) with yellow sparkle.

Blue grey with a slight hint of blackened purple and silver shimmer.

Appears to be soft mousy brown in the jar but is a rich buttery almost metallic yellow brown. Nearly golden.

My favorite shade of the collection. Looks like a brown right? But it has the same effect as Aromaleigh's Hearts A' Plenty where it plays tricks in the light. Has a maroon/pink undertone that comes out in direct light. Beautiful.

Deep blackened teal- almost navy, with high sparkle turquoise and aqua sparks. Unlike a lot of black bases that tend to smear into a plain black, this kept it's gleam and was really light catching.

Now on to the swatches! Below is indoors, no flash:

Below is with flash, only on the last four colours. On the first set, I didn't see much of a change with a flash, but with these...well take a peek:

Aren't Te Amo and Madame and Eve's pretty? All of these were $2.00 each and generous samples. I have two other shades, Strip Poker and Blue Whale I'll swatch/review on another post.

Overall Opinion: May not be as 'flashy' as say the Arcane Magics (although Madame and Eve's is listed as one as well) these are still Fryinnae fabulous. Duochrome effects and complex colour layers (is it brown? Blue? PINK?!) lead to sophisticated eyeshadows that make makeup into jewelry. Or Art. Buy with confidence. http://www.fyrinnae.com/ Plus! They always throw in a free sample! LOVE Fyrinnae!



Marcey said...

Thanks for posting the swatches. I had an order ready to go as soon as they activate their basket again!

TianneMarie said...

Hi Marcey- I'm glad you liked them! Let me know when you get yours, I'd love to hear your opinion. Sugar Skulls and Danse Macabre are really pretty!