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Monday, October 25, 2010

Everyday Minerals: Carina's Resort 2011 Kit and Promo Code

Image courtesy of Everyday Minerals

Sometimes I seem to have certain companies fall under the radar. Everyday Minerals has done that with me. I really like the artsy sort of feel to it and the kits are darling and reasonably priced. However, for some reason, I can't remember if I've ever ordered from them or not. Looks like I am going to soon. Here's why!

This kit is rather lovely and at $18 for 3 travel size eyeshadows, a makeup bag (made in Thailand it says...okay is that a plus?) a brush, a lippie, and Bamboo powder (highlight/glow). I think that's a fair deal! Plus you get some free gifts and there's even a kit for under $20 that is chock full of goodies. Why do people say that phrase? What exactly is 'chock full'...do I even want something full of chock? Or is it chalk? Okay, sorry....

If you enter the promo code MINT at checkout, you get the pillow mints lip balm for free, with orders over $25. Also don't forget to check out the Pick of the Week- a deeply discounted deal, no promo code required.



The meanderings of a history hound said...

Everyday Minerals is a company that I would suggest that you avoid for a number of reasons, besides my own horrific experience with their products.

The company has a tendency to discontinue products without any warning to it's customers.

In the past, they had fabulous kits at a great price, but after promising their customers that they would not discontinue the kits, they did just that.

Their products have a tendency to be inconsistent as well as there have been issues with products being under filled. Complaints to customer service are ignored.

Everyday Minerals does not label their products correctly either. I had a MASSIVE allergic reaction to their products that cost me hundreds of dollars in medical expenses. Testing of the products revealed that Everyday Minerals failed to disclose an ingredient in their product after making a formula change.

Here is a link to my blog with all the details for you to read.

On this forum, there are several threads with many many many complaints about their products, customer service and business practices. Just search for EDM or Everyday Minerals: http://www.87px.net/mmf/index.php

After reading what happened to me, you may want to keep this company off the radar.

TianneMarie said...

Hi there- wow that is a tragic thing. I can't believe you had such a bad experience. You'd think they'd fold after so many bad reviews. I really appreciate you putting this out there and I'm so sorry for your headache with them! I always appreciate getting a heads up. I think consumers should protect themselves and I thank you for taking the time to let me know!

LiisK said...

Not happy with EDM either, although I like their brushes and have nothing bad to say re products, I do not like the owner or the way she runs the business. She's aiming it towards being a high end one so all the customers who helped her getting started are now pretty much forgotten and have turned to other indie mmu companies.

Baroque In Babylon said...

Hi L! I don't think I'll be trying EDM...I like getting brushes from MAC or Silk Naturals or even Coastal Scents or ELF (LOVE ELF's brushes!) and it seems to me EDM just isn't worth investigating for me right now. It's interesting to see how opinions all seem to match up after a while. I wish companies that are small and rely on consumer opinion to thrive would take note.

LiisK said...

I've seen brushes that look like EDM's sold during Lumiere's and Blusche's prebuy events :) and I think I have all the brushes I might possibly need for a long time to come. I do share your appreciation of ELF brushes, Studio ones are just great :)