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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Complete list of Etsy makeup and cosmetics sellers!

I always wonder who's selling what on Etsy. It seems like anyone who can whip up a lip balm is now a cosmetics storefront. So I dragged my virtual keister over to Etsy and made a list (and checked it twice).

As of today, October 9, 2010 here is who sells what on Etsy, related to cosmetics. Warning: It's a LOOOONG list! Plus I have no clue who repackages or not...so tread carefully darling. Note: I'm not listing sellers who make soaps/candles/jewelry and then sell a lip balm. Although if you're looking for great stuff like that, Etsy is better than Lush IMHO.

* and bold Denotes shops I endorse or have purchased from or have a selection worth browsing.

-Updated list as of Dec 2010 (I will keep updating with new shops as I find them. Feel free to let me know if I missed your shop or one you like or wrote one up twice).

*Patina Minerals: Sample section here. A little pricey for samples (almost 2$) and some great kits like Mad Hatter. Lots of selection!

*Rock A Betty: YouTube/Blogger kit here. Ships in retro popcorn bags and pin-up pretty colours. I'm jonesing for Rehab! 10g jars are a perk! Friendly seller and beautiful makeup, love this and the popcorn bag is so cute! Great sales too!

Moi Minerals: Cute collections and the shade Mercy is gorgeous! Give me a shade shifter anyday!

*Brazen Cosmetics: some in palettes (custom shades too) and the Merlot sticky lipgloss pot is beautiful for Christmas!

Bad Habit Minerals: Jewelry too at Bad Habit Inc! Some shadows to pick from, a decent selection.

Dead Girl Glamour: Samples .99c US, only a few but she's growing. Year 1950 is a pretty mint teal.

AllureByJen: Myth is a gren with brown hues that is beautiful. I love her staging on flower petals. Lippies too! Gypsy peeper popper eyeliner is a black/purple liner that is really striking.
~SAME as Providence and Grace. Martian Delights and Grey both have reviews, great lippies-
LueCosmetics: Lots of foundations and great soft toned shades, similar to MAC neutrals. Lavender is lovely!

Just Pure Minerals: 100% proceeds on some items go to Breast Cancer research. Lippies in tubes. Sample kit here.

*Persephone Minerals: Exotic Dance collection has some great duochromes! I love the My Parents are Hippies collection. It has a gem like Floyd Pink here! Sailor Moon collections are gorgeous! GORGEOUS!

*Hi-Fi Cosmetics: FABULOUS ETSY SELLER! Labyrinth collection is a dream and here's a YouTube/Blogger kit. Best seller on Etsy, hands down. One of my top 5 indie cosmetics sellers, period.

Lovely Everything: A few grammar issues, so not sure about quality but they have a really cool colour wheel blush sampler for $4.99 here.

Euphoric Dysphoria Cosmetics: Low selection, some names way too similar to TKB, but Storm looks really pretty!

*The All Natural Face: Killer deals on blush samples. Have read they're repackagers, but I've not tested them to see. Eyeshadows galore and cheap samples.

Earth Angel Minerals: 9 samples for 7.99 like the Authentic Peacock collection. Lol, strut your tail feathers! I love that song...Tina Turner is divine. Majestic is a beautiful colour too.

Heavenly Natural Cosmetics: I love their swatches, wow! 5 colours for $20 and a great photo here! Soulful is a dreamy golden taupe.

Twink Beauty: 3 samples for $2.00 here! Mostly neutral shades, but pretty.

GlamX: Sample kit here and they seem to offer refills and samples mostly.

Willow Tree Minerals: Wow, their swatches are in the shapes of leaves. They are beautiful! Look here! Awesome presentation and eyeshadow in Glistening Grapefuit is stunning. Shades look sophisticated and shimmery. Not worth it, guys. I didn't like the payoff, hard to layer.

MG or Moon Goddess Cosmetics: Sample sizes look similar to Fyrinnae, so that's a good deal. Take a look here. I like the Lady Gaga collection.

Sassy Grace Boutique: Offers jewelry and such and some sparkly eyeshadows. Charming is a dark black purple sparkle that reminds me of Morgana Cryptoria.

My Beauty Addiction: 9 eyeshadows for $29.00 all metallic gorgeous, Molten Metals. Really great sample deal of all 9 eyeshadows for $7.50. These look like they're worth checking out!

Natural Mommy Minerals: Okay I hate the name. It's a turnoff. Not much to pick from. Mostly blushes and foundations. Makes me wonder if it's really a cosmetics option compared to just someone trying to be. If you've tried it, you tell me.

Pink Quartz Minerals: Some rather awkwardly done Halloween options and some photoshopped Eyeshadow pictures, but the colours look intriguing. The Hazel Eyes kit is very pretty though.

*Sweet Pea and Fay: Really pretty lippies and the Candy Corn collection is cute if you need oranges and yellows. I like Pandimonium shadow the best. All hand formulated and check out the pressed shade in Persian Rugs!

*Candy Sweet Treats: How can you not giggle when you see a collection called "Touch Your Boobies"? Pink eyeshadow and lippie supporting Breast Cancer awareness. Lots of inventory to choose from and careful graphics with each shade. Alligator Pie eyeshadow was a fave for me!

Orglamix: *Read some great reviews of this company!! Have some really nice variety- the Get the Look collections are well priced and look beautiful. I thought that the Spiritualize collection was very well done!

Light House Minerals: They offer some facial masks, which I thought was really unique. The Sky Royal eyeshadow kit is only about $10 US for 3 eyeshadows in a beautiful borealis colour set.

VAMP Minerals: Foundation only. Can you say b-o-r-i-n-g? Add more, the idea is great!

My Chaos by Design: Jewelry as well and a few awkwardly created shadow swatches. No mascara or anything? Fallout everywhere. Not appealing when there's so much competition. I like the Desert Dreams collection.

Tiara Minerals by Colorful Designs: Listed as using only FDA approved ingredients and Free Shipping (YES!) the Tigers Eye collection looks haunting and deep. Lots to choose from.

Mineral Love: Lots to pick from and I like the zebra background. Jennifer eyeshadow looks like the perfect neutral. Small jars to pick from are a plus and only cost around $3 US.

Devour Makeup: Uh, only 2 shadows for sale. I guess someone devoured it all. *tee hee*

*Shelly Frances Makeup: Fairy lip creme paint is gorgeous! Gorgeous! 5 for $5 samples look sparkly and legt- try them here. The lippies look gorgeous, I like Butt Naked too. Devine eyeshadow is beautiful! A tton of selection.

*Posh Wash: Lots of pretty soaps but some decent makeup too. A lot of colours to choose from. I like Golden Wasabi shadow- it reminds me of Fyrinnae's Old Gold. $3 for 5g jar ain't bad! Deep Blue Sea is a pretty blue too!

Nassim Minerals: Says they're handcrafted and offer lippies too. I like their Tolerance lipstick the best. It's a warm cocoa brown.

*Spectrum Cosmetics: But 3 get 1 free deal! If you like duochromes, the Iridescent Collection looks fun and sparkly! Check out the colour Manic. Beautiful! TRY THIS STORE- lots of colours!! Possibly repackaged :( will update when I find out.

Nature Girlz: Holographic Universe Chubby liner pencil looks cool. I wonder if that's a third party resell though. Nice selection, decent prices. Same as Erzulie. Bad reviews from Grey...tread carefully. Also the same as Sweet Europhia and Nature Babyz.

Mariah's Sassy Fashions: Okay you sell bathing suits and 11 shades of makeup? I dunno....but I liked Sangria. A few neutral shadows like that that are 'inspired' by her 12 year old daughter who is new to makeup. Cute.

Erzulie Cosmetics: Gel eyeliners for $10.00 if you are needing some. I really liked the cheek/lip dual colour sticks, 2 for $10! Plenty of pigments as well. HUGE selection, I mean HUGE! Bad reviews from Grey at Le Gothique, tread carefully. Same as Nature Girlz, Sweet Euphoria, and Nature Babyz.

LA Minerals: 5 piece sampler for $5.00. Decent variety. I liked the shadows Kitten and Fig Leaf. Based in Texas :)

Simplicity Cosmetics: Things are very simple here. 2 eyeshadows and a pink kabuki. Meh.

Apocalipstick or Abby Lipstick: Small variety but cute idea. Wicked duochrome eyeshadow is a hit. Lots of lippies.

4 Corner Designs: Only thing I noticed was the Twilight inspired collection. Pretty autumnal shades. Hate to say it, but their 'big' eyeshadow selection looks repackaged and unoriginal.

Mum Mum's Crafts: 'No Offense' deoderant gave me a laugh. No mention of being handcrafted, but about 41 shades to pick from. DragonFly Wings was pretty for a golden brown.

Smink Smink: 2 eyeshadows and some cool nail polish colours. Wish they had more.

Petal X: Some really pretty lippies. I loved Violet Symphony! However for $15.00 the photos show a clumpy lipstick that would lead me straight to Morgana's Cryptoria instead. Only 13 eyeshadows.

Euphoria Soap: Not much to pick from but Chocolate lippie looks pretty.

*Killer Cosmetics: Small selection and hailed as the baby of a makeup artist. Sampler set includes 1 full size and 4 mini clamshells to try for $8.50. I read a good review recently from Wendi at Makeup Zombie.

A Little Bar of Soap: BLAH! Plain ol' mica for sale by the ounce.

The Mindful Mushroom: 5 samples for $3.50 here! Vintage Decay is a peachy cream brown shadow that is really fetching!

*Mixoloy Makeup or Mix Eco: Proceeds give donations to help young girls escape human trafficking and a pretty soft sunset brown in Soleil to take a look at! Soft colours but the Twilight collection is pretty too! I like the Blue Eyes Pop collection as well.

Kiss Me Cosmetics: Nice re-pasted photo of Doe Deere in their header ha ha! States they are her 'own recipes' and around 40 shades to choose from. Harvest Moon 4 colour pressed mineral compact is beautiful!

Pure Fusion Makeup: Nice selection of nail polishes! Rainbow Brite collection has 5 shades for $25! Take a peeksie!

Moxie Mineral Makeup: 11 foundations. That's it. Why do these people sell such a small amount? Not a lot of moxie here.

Allez Couleurz: Only around 18 colours to choose from and some jewelry.

The Gourmet Rose: Soaps and a handful of foundations. Again, why?

Just Minerals: About 10 eyeshadows and some foundations. Hawaii "island" business with Macroon (macaroon?) shadow that is similar to Dragon Scales from Lime Crime and Cocoa Mauve from Aromaleigh.

*Providence and Grace: Their flower petal presentation confused me with Allure By Jen (it should be, P&G is Allure By Jen's alterego, thanks for the info, L!). Martian Delights graciously (no pun lol) sent me several samples to try. The colours were pretty and a lot are custom formulated. Hawaii lipstick is to die for!

Mudd Minerals: I think some of the photos are cosmetic ads repasted, but they offer 20 shades for $29 FULL SIZE. Makes me nervous...but it's a good deal! Great if you need a boost to your kit or collection!

Ella Rose Minerals: Lots of foundations and some anti-acne products under the slogan "Germ Warfare". Offers a large selection of pigments...but nothing looks hand crafted.

Gem Minerals: A handful of polishes and a few foundations. Scant variety.

Native Hues: I loved the El Dorado pressed shadow! Pretty iced beige. 3 full sized items for $9.00 as a guru review kit.

Brandi's Homemade Helpers: Not a huge variety but says she can match any eyeshadow perfectly. Would be interesting to send her a small Aromaleigh shadow and see what she comes up with. Any takers??

Working Girl Cosmetics: I saw this in relation to Glitter Sniffer cosmetics on GS' FB page and read some off reviews about GS. Haven't tried these guys. They offer all 42 pigments for $28...not bad! Glittersniffer was really having an issue with non FDA approved ingredients and huge customer service problems. Tread carefully.

8th Wonder Cosmetics: Beautiful lip colors...the sandstone lippies look gorgeous! I fell in love with Sea Sick shadow.

Sidhe Creations: A handful of perfumes and such. Hecate shadow was pretty in purple. Not a big selection at all.

Ken Jacque: Maybe a little over a dozen colours at best. Nothing unique although the Taupe eyeshadow was periwinkle pretty.

The Copper Bee: Really sexy swatches- the eyes look beautiful. I liked Trophy Wife the best out of their shadows. Quite a decent selection. Worth looking into.

Cheeky Cosmetics: Swears their products are handmade with no 'pre made bases'. 5 samples for $5 here!

Lid Graffiti: One bright blue shadow called Manhattan. Seriously?!!

Pure Minerals Source: Kidron is a lovely blue/purple shade that looks like it could be duochrome. 73 shadows to pick from. Dr. Cara's RX is a great plum shade too!

*Skin BodyWorks: Fandango (blue/purple shimmer) lipstick is really pretty! Lots to pick from. by lots I mean 120 shadows! Looks like a great variety but not sure if handcrafted although listed as "handmade soaps and skin care". Sangria liner is a deep royal purple with a hint of peacock blue and beautiful.

Billie E Minerals: Foundations and a few blushes only. Pretty banner :)

Pure Natural Minerals: Metallic Girl set looks really sharp! Likee! Decent amount of inventory.

Paradise Cometics and Cosmetic Bakery and Bath and Body Botanical: 3 eyeshadows but I love the purple paradise jars with the hibiscus flower.

*High Voltage Cosmetics: I've ordered from her and it's GREAT stuff. Strutter is a GREAT colour. Beautiful lippies called Lip Gunk and she tells me her "It Came from the 90's" is one of her faves! Jasmine has great service, HIGHLY recommended!

Wild Heart Cosmetics: The swatches all feature a heavily lined eye which I like but look oddly photoshopped. Don't like that. BubbleGum Trouble is a bright orange pink shadow. Only 10 shades though...lame.

Sinami Soap Company: 1 green eyeshadow.....not worth typing about. Soaps and such look nice.

*Shiro Cosmetics: Read some decent reviews from Phyrra...not tried them myself yet. Geeky names and S.S. Anne is slowly becoming a blogger cult fave. Check out their Legend of Zelda "Legends" collection!

I Touch Roses: Mercy is a brilliant cranberry sparkling shade! 24 shadows to pick from.

Jenulence: 6 5g jars for $12.00 and around about 30 items up for sale. So, decent deal, small selection.

Sobe Botanicals: Cupcake is a pink/blue duochrome that I found sweet and tempting. Some cool collections like Vampire Chic and Undead foundation- great for 18th century makeup looks.

Geek Chic Cosmetics: OMGsh! Triforce eyeshadow?!! MINE! I'm a Zelda dork and this is right up my alley. I'd buy it for name alone :) Someone please email her and tell her to expand her collection...only a handful is not okay.

My Vintage Vanity: 4 listings for eye shadow. Pass.

Daisy Wares: Boring names, like "Silver Mica". Wonder if it's repackaged. Although the Pink Group of 4 shadows caught my eye. Maybe I judged too quickly.

Name That Candy: What do crochet patterns and 4 foundations have in common? I don't know.

Virus Insantiy Creations: Some really unique makeup artistry and decent prices, but no mention of being handcrafted.

Bella Sugar Cosmetics: Some decent palettes and claims to be the "BEST makeup you'll ever buy"....what do you think? Hollywood is a lovely silver glitter. Army Gold reminds me of MAC's Antiqued.

My Pretty Zombie: Gory Barbies and eyeshadows, okay! Vanity is a gold tinged green yellow I like.

Glow Cosmetics: Jars are photographed with random objects. Nice idea, but hard to gauge the colour. Baby Unicorn pale pink shadow claims to make your dreams come true.

Jenny Strangelove: I liked Dirty Laundry, a brown copper duochrome that really looks pretty! Small selecton and some jewelry.

Soapendipity: Another soap and mica retailer. River Rock is a nice pale brown with lotsa sparkle.
Beauty Fiend Cosmetics: BiPolar is a navy purple sparkler that would be an awesome eyeliner!! I love the 80's collection has some neons for $25!

Virtue Bath and Beauty: 15 colours and some bath bombs. Nothing stands out.

Glory Box Cosmetics: Shocking fun names and around 30 shadows!

Maple Creek Soapworks: Soap and mica, yet again! I liked the deep purple of Electric Mauve shadow.

Soap Dreams: Says they're listed in San Fran on a newsletter and website...but it wasn't fabulous, just average. If you list your eyeshadows as 'mica' I get nervous. Maybe it's the Beer Bath that is their claim to fame.

Calla Cosmetics: Geared towards Cheer and Dance makeup. I was a cheerleader for over 5 years...so uh...makeup is makeup to me. Belle Bottom Blue is a pretty plum/wine brown duochrome!

Sarah's Naturals: A handful of shadows and lip balms. Pass. Hand bound journals I do like.

*Vicious Cosmetics: Silt is sexy purple muted silver that looks gorgeous. If you like Suicide Trees from Hi-Fi you'll like Vapor from Vicious!

Daisy Cosmetics: Lotsa colours and I was notified (see comment below) by Natasha, the owner that not only does she formulate, but she packs and ships herself! Watch for a review on this one, gals!

Moonrise Studio: Claims to be handmade. 3 shadows for October go to benefit Breast Cancer. Take a look!

Riche Cosmetics: I liked Graphite the best. The swatches remind me of old school Aromaleigh swatches. Little circles of sparkle. Repackaged pigments though, but will change as of Jan 2010, super lovely seller.

Dark Heart Design: Rave is a bright electric blue! 33 shadows, so that's a decent selection. Offers free samples if you contact her! She sent me free samples and I will post a review, great selection and look at Teenage Dream gloss! Tina is really friendly and open to doing the best she can.

One Eleven: LOL, pet friendly?! 7 eyeshadows only. Pass.

Rapture Beauty: 24 custom, hand crafted shades. Not a lot to pick from, but I like handcrafted.

La Conchita Naturals: Natural skin care and some finishing powders and foundations.

Bohemian Beetnik: Claims to be made in her kitchen and so natural, you could eat it! No pre-made bases too. Silver Mist- a nice silver grey shadow. But mixed with real herbs and spices?! I'm not so sure about that.

*Concrete Minerals: I have an order pending from them. Lots of great reviews on their stuff. I like Wicked and Smut. Definitely a must try!

Bellissima Minerals: Lots of soaps and foundations and a few eyeshadows. Hawaiian Hibiscus is a bright salmon pink, I love it!

Mistical Acscents: Medieval herbal cosmetics and some blushes. Historical recipes for cosmetics.

*Harlot Cosmetics: Slinky Slag pink glittery eyeshadow- ha ha! Love! Awesome splattered swatches and a decent collection with hilarious names. Creative and fun.

Sudzy Soap: Another soap and mica seller. This one offers pressed. Bordeaux is pretty. A nice pearled mauve.

Key Botanicals: Decent liner selection, mostly face products.

Lumere Et Alouette GRAND OPENING: I love me a beautiful gilded olive eyeshadow like Sour Apple! BOGO sale going on!

Pinque Chocolate Beauty: Soft romantic makeup. Buy 2 get one free- like this pretty light blue shadow!

Cake Mineral Makeup: I loved Cream and Sugar. It is a pale, cream sparkle.

New Nature Cosmetics: Skin care and a few eyeshadows. Pass.

A Little Bar of Soap: do-it-yourself kits and plain mica. Pass. Go to TKB Trading instead.

Beauty By Saria: Old as Gold Can Be is pretty. Like a muted Fyrinnae colour. Decent selection with 33 shades of eyeshadow!

Pearl Princess: A mix of stuff and like 6 eyeshadows.

Botanical Roots: Seriously looks like that mica you buy for like .25 on ebay that comes from Hong Kong. Could be wrong tho.

Nature's Blossoms and Suds: Pas. More soaps and probably repackaged mica.

Mystic Memories: Supposedly the Dark Mermaid shadow is back by demand. My question is, by whom?

Mineral S Sens: Lots of brushes and some photoshopped looking swatches. Seems to be hand crafted, but I doubt it. Not much to pick from.

Kiss Alchemy: Decent 4 shadow collections. I liked Lolita the best!

Pinafore Cosmetics: 5 3g jars for 10$ US- Lots to pick from and seems like a great deal!

BattysBath: Soap and foundation. Cute soaps though.

Zosimos Botanicals: I liked Cobalt out of their shadow selection. Small, similar to a lot of Etsy shops. Also offers a black lipstick.

The Fairy Apothecary: 4 "Fairy Dusts" and lots of skin care.

Giddy Cosmetics: Looks to be new but well done. Giddy Gloss in Maui is a coppery beauty! They offer mascara too and palettes and colour wheels. Not sure who makes it all, though.

SMM or Smoky Mountain Minerals: One small kit. NO thanks!

SIDE NOTE: Warrior Maiden feather lashes are amazing! WOW!

B Beauty Bar: A few foundations, but cute avatar!

Anak Cosmetics: Looks like some super glittery bronzers. Could be used as shadows. Limited selection like golden shadows and some blushes, but could be decent.

Vain Cosmetics: 10 pack Bombshell for $35.00- another shop with a great banner, could be awesome...lots to pick from. LOTS!

I Love Minerals/Luscious Mineral Cosmetics: Lots of foundations and not much else. But hey, they're listed as "Australian Mineral Makeup"!

Avant La Lettre: UV Reactive shadows were killer.

Magnolia Makeup: Listed as 'couture'....but only 1 item for $50?!

Beauty Mark 3000: 70's Disco lip palette was pretty, but not pretty enough for $40 US. Sells Giella cosmetics. Who's that?

Carina Dolci- lots of lippies and a few eyeshadows. I'd look at the lippies first.

Cherry Crush- All lippies, some tricolor palettes. Pretty selection, worth taking a look at.

Jadore Noir- Will have pressed shadows and nail polishes. Offers some really pretty glitter and a decent selection of shadows and blushes. I love the NeonNights blush!

Noella Beauty Works- Foundations, pretty blushes like Spice Berry and eyeshadow sets by eye color. Offers four samples for $1.89. Lots of nice muted tones, like Crown (a golden olive).

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics- I love their jars! Triangular shaped and with kitties on them...cute! The samples come in 'trial vials'....the packaging alone makes me want them. Great marketing, guys! States they are NOT repackaged. I'd love to see this shop grow.

PaintedLips/Mademoiselle Cosmetics- New pot design, photoshopped color swatches (a turn off for me). Small selection...but could be in the process of reformulating what they offer.

Lost in Makeupland- BOGO and buy 2 get 1 free samples! Phyrra just did a positive review and giveaway based on them...so buy with confidence there. Lots of great shades to choose from.

Rapture Beauty- hand formulated colors, lots to pick from for eyeshadows! The Innocence blush looks beautiful, a soft 'Dandelion'-esque pink.

MoLoveRox/Madd Style Cosmetics- Jive Talk is a gorgeous duochrome and props for the Day of the Dead/Comic backgrounds. Varied selection and skin swatches (Thank you!) and primers as well. I want to check this brand out.

Mineral Maven- Offers a points rewards system and quite a few eyeshadow colors to choose from. 5 and 10g jars available and some glitters and limited editions! I like Gizmo- a pretty mustard/gold yellow shadow.

Ophelia's Apothecary- bath and beauty products like fragrance, soaps, etc. Some shadows and foundations. A bit pricey.

Bad Bitch Cosmetics- if you're 'tight as hell' you might like this, ha ha! Some shades are bright like Onika Matte pink shadow but she states it's not FDA approved but go play anyway. Fun descriptions and skin swatches are a plus.

Back to the Earth- Jewelry like earrings and bath bombs and eyeshadow pigments.

Lumiere et Aloutte- 10 g jars and ove 30 pigments available. Adding new colors soon. Lots of lovely sage greens!


I scrolled through over 220 pages on Etsy and visited over 8800 products just to get this list compiled. I did it because I've wondered how many sellers there were and what was unique and what wasn't. I hope this helps you too. If you have any experience with sellers on this list or I missed one, let me know!

Out of all of these that I haven't tried, Orglamix, Brazen Cosmetics, and Scaredy Cat caught my eye. Providence and Grace looked like they had the most amazing lippies. I'll do a haul soon!


Robyn said...

Bloody hell, what a list! Thanks a bunch for this!

TianneMarie said...

I know it...it's a bit much, isn't it? I just couldn't clarify what was legit and what was just a few things, but not a true cosmetics company or even a list of what Etsy offered. So I did it myself :) I hope it helps out.

The Peach said...

Wow! What a list! This must have taken a while to put together! Very interesting to see who all is out there!

Off the top of my head, I think I have only ordered from Hi-Fi. I have ordered bath & body products from other Etsy sellers though.

Corbyjane said...

WOw, this is superduper useful! =D

MartianDelights said...

Wow ... thanks for the comprehensive list... just long enough to spend loads more money !!!

For info re: allurebyjen/providenceandgrace, according to Grey's post it seems that they are the same company indeed.

Gonna bookmark your post for when I am next on the hunt for Etsy makeup ... thanks for taking the time to write all that, must have taken you a long time !

TianneMarie said...

Hi Peach! Thanks :) It took a long time, but I'm so relieved...now I feel like I *know* what's out there and can purchase smart. I hope that makes sense. I just like having a feel for what's available.

TianneMarie said...

Hi Corbyjane! Thanks! I hope you find some good treasures. Spectrum looked really cool!

TianneMarie said...

Hi Lorraine! Ooh that's interesting to know. Thanks for that. What's the lowdown with them anyway?? The lippies of P&G looked beautiful, but I know that the repackaging is an issue. I wish I could get to the bottom of it and then I'd choose whether to buy or not. I appreciate the fyi though!!

Heather / Eyeconic said...

Thanks for posting this, I'm going to start going through it :D

TianneMarie said...

Hi Heather! Let me know if you find anything that appeals or something I missed. I love your little avatar photo- what a darling thing you are!

Dark Heart Designs said...

Thank you soooo much for taking the time to browse my shop and feature my company on your list. I sincerely appreciate it. You have an absolutely wonderful blog that I will definitely be following now. Thanks again!

TianneMarie said...

Hi there! You are very welcome! I'm glad you found me :)

Natasha said...

Hi there,

I am the owner of Daisy Cosmetics and I never have and never will repackage or resell other companies products.

I formulate, package and ship everything myself. If you or anyone has any questions about my products,
you are more than welcome to contact me at customerservice@daisycosmetics.net


TianneMarie said...

Hi Natasha! I'm so glad you said something!! I will definitely update this post and not only that, I want to review your stuff. I will contact you on Etsy. Thanks so much for clearing this up!

MuddMinerals said...

Hi Tianne Marie,

It’s Lily @ MuddMinerals and I just read your comment.
My sister is a fashion professional photographer; I put the make on her models and I can then use her photos.
There are websites where to buy pictures as well that everybody uses.
Yes, I sell 20 eyeshadows for $29.99. Why does it make you nervous?

And I read your comment about Orglamix: “I read good things about”.
Like this for example? http://phyrra.net/2009/10/more-disturbing-information-on-orglamix.html
Buy something and leave a negative feedback: try!
You will get a letter in the mail from a fake lawyer where she sues you! Apparently that’s how she only get positive feedbacks.

Please, do not hesitate for any question: lily@muddminerals.com

TianneMarie said...

Hi Lily!

I'm glad you stopped by and left a comment. I always appreciate feedback and greater insight into products and companies.

The price makes me nervous simply because it's so low and with so much repackaging, it is a red flag to me, as cheap can equal low quality. However, this was my viewpoint having not purchased anything and a quick glance on Etsy. I'm always happy to change opinions and be more educated on what products are out there.

As for Orglamix, I've not ordered from them and I usually don't take one post as gospel and go by what I experience. I've read other positive things, so I put in what I knew. I hesitate to make claims on how someone gets feedback as I'm not truly informed 100%. All I can do is write what I think with the info I have at the time.

That's awesome about your sister and I'll note that, as that's a great selling point. I'm only stating what came across to me as an objective customer coming across the site.

Thanks again and much success to you!

MuddMinerals said...

More than glad to send you some of my products to review if you are interested!

I am actually looking for someone to review MuddMinerals on youtube.
Plese, if you have suggestions, this is my email:

Many thanks!!