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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Candy'sSweetTreats on Etsy: I've got a haul comin'!

Wanna shop the sweets? Click here.

Halloween Collection...is Wicked like a lemon drop turned into eyeshadow or what?

After my ginormous Etsy list, I decided to make good on ordering from the companies that caught my eye. One of them was Candy's Sweet Treats and she has some fun stuff! I dare you to take a peek (order Qbert- a fabulous mandarin shade for a STEAL) and tell her Tianne sent you over. She's a doll, has a wickedly tempting primer, and I'll be sure to swatch and review when my postman brings me the stash.

Any new things coming your way? I think my next venture will be to try Lorac as well....I've heard mixed comments via MakeupAlley, but that Vivid gloss is calling my name.

P.S. Go to Candy's shop and tell me which shadow you like! I'm loving Sporn and Whine. Told you the names were fun :)



Marcey said...

Sporn & Sofa King look like interesting colors although there are several others I'd like to sample. I do wish she'd post descriptions though instead of just the swatches & all the cutesy artwork on the photos.

TianneMarie said...

Hey Marcey! Welcome! I agree with you. It's a fun shop but I found myself wanting swatches and descriptions as sometimes just base colour isn't accurate. When I get the goodies I'll swatch and review and compare. Thanks for stopping by!