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Friday, October 1, 2010

Autumn Leaves

Hi there!

Fall is my favorite time of the year. When I was younger, I was strictly a summer gal. I loved the hot sunshine, the baking heat inside of my car, and the way the sky would hurt your eyes when you looked at it. But now...I don't know if the winds of change in life blow you to another season literally- but I love autumn best. It's comforting. I don't mind the chill in the air, the way the sunshine tricks you into thinking it's warm outside, but you reach for your scarf because well, you know better. Autumn to me is cinnamon apples, pumpkins grinning from my stoop, and the promise of Christmas.

Here's a look I did with the colours of Autumn.

From inner eye to outer V

Aromaleigh Pure Hues Grass: Rich vibrant grassy green
Aromaleigh Opulent Lustre Tea: Metallic high satin yellow-green
Aromaleigh Opulent Lustre Bamboo: Olive tinted gold metallic
Aromaleigh L'Orchidee Tigrilla: Sparkling tiger orange
Aromaleigh Eye Lustre Nico: Sherbet orange satin
Aromaleigh Rocks! TaintedLove: Deep blood red
Aromaleigh Elemental Lustre Torment: Wine red metallic fire

*same order under the eyes

Mascara is L'Oreal Voluminous in Black and liner is NYC Liquid Liner in Jet Black

Slightly lined at cupid's bow and center of bottom lip with Lola Cosmetics Full Coverage Lip Pencil in Night (wicked plum shade).
I then filled in the center 3/4 of lip with L'Oreal Rouge Pulp lip colour in Heat (vibrant pumpkin orange).
I then dabbed Benefit's The Gloss in Curfew for sparkle.

Ben Nye Colour Cake foundation in Cine-Fairest with Ben Nye Cameo Visage powder on top. Under eyes for lightening Besame's Dusting Powder.

Aromaleigh Rocks! Rouge in SundayGirl on rounded apple of cheeks only.

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Have a great day,


MartianDelights said...

Wow -- just gorgeous :)

TianneMarie said...

Thank you! I'm so glad you read my blog and comment. It makes my day :)

MartianDelights said...

Who wouldn't Tianne, your blog is so different and inspiring... I flick through a lot of blog posts in my google reader but I always stop for yours :)

TianneMarie said...

That makes me happy! Sometimes I wonder what I can do to make the blog more appealing since I see people like Phyrra with thousands of followers and I think maybe I just don't have that edgy 'coolness' ha ha! But then I think, well, it takes many shades to be a rainbow :)