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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Aromaleigh Wonderstruck swatches

Oh golly these are all GORGEOUS! This is my favorite collection. If you like Duo-Chromes or morphing eyeshadows, these will all strike a chord with you. Wonderstruck by Aromaleigh- Based on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. You'll fall in love- no pun intended :)

*Quick close up swatches with a comparison chart and better lighting to come! (It's cloudy here, blech!)

Which one is your favorite? Mine is Hearts A' Plenty. Order this or weep. Serious.



ionadhtalamh said...

Wow, this collection is STUNNING! I love them all...I can't pick a favorite! :D

TianneMarie said...

Hi there! You should sample them as they are all so pretty! I love the little guy in your photo. Is it a lemur?