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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Twilight Shoot: Behind the Scenes!

One thing that is a really fun aspect of doing makeup is that I meet people I wouldn't get a chance to, otherwise. Robert and Renee literally had me laughing the whole day. I love creative people and I find it inspiring how it takes so many little fragments to create a project. This one was a total hoot and here are some 'behind the scenes' shots:

These are from my phone, hence the fuzzy/icky quality. Nyk (camera/direction) had so many funny ideas and as the whole thing is a parody- there was a lot of goofing. Greg did sound and I was hair/makeup.

Beautiful day outside of Salt Lake City and I almost felt like I was in Washington with the dappled sunlight through the leaves and green grass. What a fun shoot!

Most of the work I did was with Renee. She's hilarious, well spoken, and warm. The concept was to have her go from well put together Mom to Bella....who I hate to say it, just isn't 'well put together'. I used Smashbox photo finish primer to prep her skin. I then layered a small amount of Ben Nye concealer to even out tone. Final touch was to layer sheerly Ben Nye colour cake foundation (dry) with a flat top synthetic buffing brush.

For some 'glow' I used Aromaleigh's Magnolia Blossom finishing powder around the eyes and above the cheekbones. Blush is Aromaleigh's Gothic Lolita in Rococo. On her eyelids, I applied AL's pure eyes Mattes in Midnight at the outer V and crease, blended with Copen, and softly highlighted at the browbone with Carolina Summer's Marsh.

Renee loved the lips which were Besame's liner in Naturale, lipstick in Chocolate Kiss and gloss in Chocolate Lip Glaze. Mascara was Hard Candy's mascara (I forget which kind). She had beautiful chestnut roan hair which we sectioned and wrapped around bobby pins at the crown of her head so the layers would frame her face and not look too 'done'.

The whole idea of a couple being so affected by Twilight cracked me up! I've read the books and Stephenie Meyer went to BYU in nearby Provo, Utah...so I see the TWILIGHT madness firsthand. I liked them, but no way would I want my husband to change his hair and douse himself in glitter....Bella can have her Edward! :)

HD Edit- looks great!

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Corbyjane said...

Ahahahaha! This is awesome! I love the glitter. :)

MartianDelights said...

Not sure I understood most of it, but the parts I understood were quite funny, must have been fun working with them :)

BTW - not sure what happened, have you left facebook or did I happen to cancel you when I culled my friends list? was careful not to, but I was a bit trigger happy so it is possible... sorry if I did, will you have me back?

Hope you had a nice birthday by the way x

TianneMarie said...

Hi Corbyjane! Thank you! The glitter was the funniest part for me too. I'm glad you liked it.

Hi Lorraine! I didn't delete you (I know we talked via Twitter) I just got so tired of the self-promotion on Facebook- blah...so I ended my account. I don't miss it, weird huh? I do miss the people though- like you! Thank you for noticing my birthday!! I had a great one and felt loved- which is always a blessing.