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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Product Review: Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in Red Revival

I've noticed these beautiful ads in Vogue and Allure and I think, Vanity Fair (I can't remember honestly) that have been so eye-catching. They advertise Maybelline New York (although who adds the New York part- is that Maybelline trying to sound more high brow? meh) lipsticks called Color Sensational. The model is wearing Red Revival. I love when ads detail what the model is wearing. There's a D&G shade ScarJo is modeling, but no listing on the advert so I have no idea what colour it is and I'm too lazy at the mo to hunt it down. So, for sake of people like me, the shade listings help. As I ramble, anyway, I loved the ad, so I bought the lipstick. I'm an advertising fool, yessiree! Here's my scoop on Maybelline's Color Sensational lipstick in Red Revival.

Here's the ad, beautiful, no?

Here's a stock image of the lipstick. It's all plastic. Kinda old school casing- very retro Guerlain for some reason, to me. Red semi sheer casing and shiny chrome inset. Okay.

I picked mine up at Wal-Mart for $5.50 US. I read on MakeupAlley that some women paid $7.99 US and it's also listed on Ebay for that price too. What?! I won't pay above 7 bucks for a drugstore brand when I can get MAC or others for cheap with the discount. But 5 dollars and a half is alright with me.

Here's the lipstick on bare lips, no liner and 2 coats.

Similar to MAC's Russian Red and also Besame's Red Hot Red, it's a lovely rich, very pigmented shade. I found the quality to be similar to say, Estee Lauder or Lancome and better than Clinique or Revlon. It's not your high school Maybelline. No weird old lady wax smell (like I've read some have via MUA) but not fragranced either. I love a nice scent like Estee Lauder's fig, so that would've ramped this up to LOVE for me.

It's not drying and even when I powdered it down and then did a sealer coat on top, it wasn't flaky or gross or get gummy with the powder. I didn't wear it for too long, so I'm not sure of the staying power, but it didn't bleed at all. So would I recommend this? YES! I'm wanting to try some of the Pearl shades and Plums, but as I have a gazillion lipsticks, this one could be the
Maybelline loner in my kit.
Shade base: Blue red
Overall Opinion: 4 out of 5 stars, go Maybelline!


MissTat said...

I own this lipstick and I love it. I think it's really beautiful. :)

TianneMarie said...

Hi there Miss Tat! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I have really liked it too. I'm surprised how nice it is, considering it's a cheaper brand. Go Maybelline!

The Beautiful Cloud said...

It looks greaet! :D