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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Product Review and Swatches: Sleek i-divine palette in Storm

Sleek Makeup, a UK brand, is nil in the US. I hunted on Ebay and checked out their website http://www.sleekmakeup.com/ to get some pricing for their i-divine palettes. They sell for $10 and with $7 international shipping to the states, well...it adds up. I snagged the palette 'Storm' on sale (about half off) and had it come to my house by the lake so I could love it forever. Take a look.

Approximate size is that of my hand. I like the sturdy black case and the contrast lettering is very cool. I'm under the impression this is a drugstore i.e. cheapie brand in the UK- is that right girls? Similar to US Revlon, maybe? Hard to say. All I know is when I go to London in November, Circus palette will be mine. Muahahahaaa.

The waffle like weave is interesting on these colours. I keep expecting it to cave in when I rub the colours. The enclosed applicator is so so. I don't like sponge tips, period. So I used it just to try it and it's a 6 out of 10. The nubby end slides around a bit, so if you're going for precise or small areas, don't use the enclosed applicator. The colours in this are very night-out-on-the-town. The mirror is pretty big and decent- so this would be stellar in a purse or clutch.

Swatches, indoors, normal light, no flash. Over ELF Studio Prime and Seal. These were sparkly a bit, not frosty- and applied clean and quite dark. They stayed on and I like it better than say, Cover Girl.

Above is a quick eye look I did using the dark charcoal to rim the eye. I applied the midnight blue (bottom 3rd from right) above the black and blended into a wing of shadow. I used the light ivory colour (top 3rd from right) for browbone highlight and the colour to it's right (flesh toned beige) to blend. You can see they apply well and are true to the colour in the pan.

Sleek Cosmetics Storm Palette: 4 out of 5 stars

Overall Opinion: Expensive for Americans, worth trying, and a STEAL if you're in the UK


Robyn said...

...I hate to be the bearer of horrible news but the Circus palette is no more :( Original and Sunset are to die for though!

Heather / Eyeconic said...

It's ok, I have circus and it is definitely weaker than the other 2 I have, Sunset and Acid. HIGHLY recommend them both!

TianneMarie said...

Robyn! OH no! Crap...I'll have to pick up a couple of others then. Any tips on where to get Sleek in the UK- around London (by Wembley arena?) Thanks!

Heather- Thanks for the tip- it sounds like Sunset is the one to pick up. I will have to check it out!