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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Latest Project: Money Train commercial

I apologize for being MIA. Every now and again I get really busy and then my poor blog gathers virtual cobwebs. Too, it's allergy season where I'm at, so the makeup isn't quite as fun, but I've got some great ideas on how to keep your makeup 'on' when your allergies are on, too!

Here's the YT clip of the last commercial project I finished this prior weekend. It's not the full edit, but just some compiled footage. It's a parody on Twilight for a nationwide loan company featuring Renee Casati (actress and voiceover/animation talent) and Robert Lund (parody artist/composer who's worked for celebrites and NBA teams).

It was based on an actual couple where the wife was Twi-hard and the husband actually dyed his hair and tried to 'Edwardize' himself so she'd pay attention to him. Aw!

A lot of fun and shoot photos to come!


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