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Friday, September 24, 2010

Fyrinnae! Swatches of 11 Shades: Leshii, Pumpkinfire, Freya, Darling, Misfit, Delvian, Daemon's Tail, Equality, Fyre and Ice, Biker Chic, and Mephisto!

Hi there!

11 more beautiful eyeshadow colours from Fyrinnae. Each of these are lovely and I have to admit Mephisto and Pumpkinfire and Daemon's Tail are my favorite from this lot. Mephisto seems to nearly smolder in the jar- very sexy, fierce cranberry red. Daemon's Tail appears pinkish red but can change to fiery orange and copper to even a magenta. Pumpkinfire is a black base with orange, copper, and brown sparkle- gorgeous!

Swatches below were in natural light, no flash, indoors:

Swatches below were taken outdoors, full sun. Darling Misfit was the freebie sample Fyrinnae sent along! LOVE that! Beautiful and very similar to their Meerkat.

Here are close-up swatches. These are each little pigmented works of colour art.

Equality is a hard shade to photograph. It's a beiged out ivory/platinum with twinkles of rainbow, almost prism like and very pretty. I think angel's wings would have this colour.

Immortality is like a charcoal covered disco ball. It is serious sparkle and in my Fyrinnae top 5. I really, really think it's gorgeous!

I did the close ups above so that you could see more of the colour. Fyre and Ice is a blackened sparkly royal purple and Biker Chic is similar, but with teal/aqua sparks. Both were very sparkly, but apply dark black. If you smudge or rub these, they lose their shimmer so pat gently dears.

I applied these on my arm with Pixie Expoxy, which oddly enough caused some crumbling and made it harder to apply. Weird. That stuff is usually holy grail for me.

Well, it's Friday night here (about 5 pm) and I've had a fiendishly awful day so I think I'm going to forgo dinner and crawl under my down comforter and read my Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel.
I hate crummy days and nothing soothes like a good book. What soothes you? I hope these colours brought some beauty to your day! Here are the jars:

What's amazing is these are all samples. $2.00 US and it's a steal- especially with free shipping. Fyrinnae, I love you.

Mephisto glows like a jewel- skip your latte and order this shade. You'll be forever grateful! Happy shopping and thanks for stopping by!

Have a great day,


Janette-The Goddess of Beauty said...

I loved the colors so much, that I let my fingers do the walking and my credit card to the site and bought about 10 shadows...now the waiting game. It is just like Christmas.....OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (me jumping up and down and stoping the mail lady. She dogdes me and jumps into the nearest bush and dials the police. Red lights behind me.....crumb....got bail money?)

TianneMarie said...

Hey Janette! I wanna see swatches and looks when you get your haul! When checking the mail is the highlight of your day, you know you're online makeup addicted. Welcome to my world :)

MartianDelights said...

You have a fair point there Tianne... don't forget to mention the withdrawal symptoms !