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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dolce and Gabbana Evocative Fall 2010 Tutorial

Hi there,

First off, I'm not anywhere near ScarJo hotness. I'm the ground beef to her filet mignon. And I don't own Photoshop...soooo here's my take on the Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2010 Evocative makeup ad now running in good ol' Vogue.

Here's my magazine and here's me:

Yep, my eyes are looking too far up and well, the wrong direction. BUT the idea is there and for me, copying a makeup look is to capture what it's portraying, not trying to dupe the shot. This look spoke to me of deep, plumwine lips, sultry bombshell eyes and a clean, fresh face with heightened brows. Here's a great cl0se-up of the face:

Here's a close-up of my face:

And here's me looking goofy but trying. E for effort, right?! I look like I'm getting tasered. But weirdly enough none of the normal shots came out. It was super bright today and I had a lot of bounce from the window, so it was all wonky.

I didn't use any of the D&G products, but here's what I did...

What you'll need:

Clean, mattifying foundation
Soft HD powder with matte finish
Neutral matte, skin toned blush
Contouring powder
Black eyeliner (pencil)
Black mascara
Black faux lashes- med/thick strip
Shimmery taupe eyeshadow
Matte black eyeshadow
Soft pinkish hued copper eyeshadow
Shimmery umber/brown eyeshadow
Deep plum liner
Deep plum lipstick
Orchid/Fuschia lipstick
Shimmery white/crystal gloss

Step by Step tutorial with products I used:

Start with a clean face, prime with L'Oreal Studio Magic primer all over the skin. Let dry.
Apply Ben Nye colour cake foundation in Bisque with Chanel Kabuki on face in stipple/swirl motion.
Apply in a tapping motion with Chanel Kabuki Ben Nye Cameo Visage powder. You should have a rather flawless face with no shine and full coverage. If need be, adjust powdering to get the matte skin.

Softly apply with MAC blush brush (number is worn off on mine) Aromaleigh Spice Blush on cheekbones. Try to avoid a lot of colour, but only have a bit of contouring to define the face structure.

Apply Aromaleigh Kinetic under cheekbone to heighten definition.

With Elf domed shadow brush apply Aromaleigh Elemental Lustre Startle around the rim of the eye. This is a shimmery ash colour.

Next, apply Aromaleigh Torrid in crease and outer V. This is a metallic brown/black, seriously like the colour of a potato skin.

Dramatize the outer V and crease with black eyeshadow, I used Aromaleigh Pure Eyes Matte in Ebony.

Rim entire eye with black liner, including tear duct. Heavier liner at outer V and if need be, use more black eyeshadow. I used Erno Laszlo liner in Onyx. Go for the big, dark, smoky eye.

Apply gobs of black mascara, I used Hard Candy ginormous lash, which is yucky. I didn't use faux eyelashes (I'm in a hurry- this look took 15 minutes) but I recommend it for this.

Blend the pink coppery eyeshadow slightly above the crease and outer V for more definition. I used Aromaleigh pure hues in Zinfandel.

Line lips with liner. I used Lola Cosmetics in Night.

Smooth the liner with Elf liner brush.

Apply lipstick on outer rim in dark plum, I used Besame Noir Red.

On the center of the lips, blend Besame Wild Orchid lipstick to pinken up the dark red/brown and get that rich wine plum shade. Evil grape is what I call it.

Dab crystalline or white gloss, Besame Vanilla lip glaze for me, onto center of lower lip and cupid's bow of top lip.

Emphasize brows with Smashbox brow quad, enlarging the front and using a sweeping shape- no hard arches, think curved. Larger at front and round and then blended into a soft line a bit beyond the edge of the eye.

Check the photo. Does it look right? Compare. Do you need to darken more or blend? Adjust and re-evaluate until you feel it's right. Don't do it in 10 minutes like me and then fly out the door.

Here's the lips. I love this colour- it's so autumn and rich.

Do you love this sort of look? Would you wear it? I had fun making it and even though I know it's not exactly like Scarlett, I think I nailed it and I want to do this on someone else with a more suitable face. LOVE this! Thanks for stopping by girls! Say hi and don't forget to follow and enter the giveaway...lots to send to the lucky weiner!

Have a great day,


liloo said...

This look is really glamourous and the lips: yummmmmmmmmmmi :)

TianneMarie said...

Hi Liloo! Thank you! I love your blog- you are a talented, talented lady! Thanks for stopping by.