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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Detrivore: A Bruise, A Scar, A Swine, and A Thing

Hi there!

A little bit of a Detrivore haul! http://www.detrivorecosmetics.com/ Fabulous prices on these babies! $3 US for a 5 gram jar! Yup, three bucks!! Blushes come in a 10g jar and are only $5! What a freakin' deal! So I got a few pretties and it's hard not to covet more...but I have to learn to resist or I'll have a ton of makeup and be living on the street.

Here's a comparison chart. On the left are Detrivore's swatches, on the right are mine.

Close up swatches on my skin with Pixie Epoxy primer.

Thing might very well be a NARS Orgasm dupe. I'll have to compare for sure, I think NARS is more pink...but it's a close runner up. Below is a look I put together using the shadows. I hate how my camera washes everything out...so deep colours end up blah. Forgive, dearies.

Swine on the lid- Scar blended with Bruise on outer V and lower lashline. Simple but I love Scar...it's multi-hued, almost a grey-purple and very, very pretty.

I swiped Thing blush on my lips as well as on my cheeks and it gave a natural, peachy glow. I used Besame's Vanilla lip glaze on top for some shine.

Half face in full sun. Isn't Thing pretty?! The swatch on the site is like pumpkin orange, but the blush is beautiful. A total 100% A+ shade. Thank you, Distorria!

She also threw in 3 samples I haven't swatched yet, but will. Overall, shipping is cheap, quick and at these amazing prices- I'm super happy.

Have a great day,

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