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Friday, August 6, 2010

Pure Eyes Mattes swatches, Aromaleigh (only 16)

Pure Eyes Mattes by Aromaleigh. 5 gr jars on sale an extra 10% off! Go see! http://www.aromaleigh.com/ Here's the full set, Aromaleigh swatches:
Here are my swatches. :)

I photographed these swatches on my deck outside. But I liked the second photo too, so I included that as well. Indoors, these were hard to see. The second one isn't as bright. I only have 16 of these, so it's not a complete set, but I think these give a good idea. Copen and Celadon are both surprises because at least to me, those words don't automatically equate a colour. Copen is a rich grey blue with a slight navy to it. Celadon is a grey green with a hint of clay brown. Both are great neutrals and are a miss if you don't sample them at least. Comparison chart below! Oh and p.s. Eggplant is supposed to be a dark purple, but it's very black at it's base so if you want a 'purple' go with Grape.

There's my comparison chart of the 16 I have. SeaFoam appears to be a lovely mint, but it's more white than anything. I couldn't see much minty-ness in it. I would've loved had it matched the swatch. BUT Midnight is a really, really dark dark blue- nearly black and if you're tired of using black as a liner- try a deep blue. Do you have any of these? Which are your faves?


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