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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pure Cover #1 and Pure Cover #2 swatches, Aromaleigh

I'm always on the lookout for a good concealer. I've worked with actresses who absolutely hate liquid concealers; so a good mineral one is a must for me. I only have 2 of these from Aromaleigh and I will be honest, #1 is nearly white and difficult to blend. It's just too pale. So I use #2 the most. I don't have any of the others, but I would venture to say these run really lilght and go one shade darker than you think you'll need. These are still available and in the full size jar for $8.00 you will get a LOAD of product. You'll probably never run out.

#9 reminds me of the Coquille powder in Vert.....I think I'd still use Parfait over these. These just might be too 'thick' of a colour for a concealer. I like the idea of it, though.

The two swatches above are Pure Cover #2 (I'm going backwards lol) heavily applied under the eye. I wouldn't wear it this way, I did it for a reference only. I would lightly apply this under foundation and then blend. If need be, use a good primer but be sparing. You don't want anything settling into lines. Anything liquid will seep right in. Yuck.

The two shots above are Pure Cover #1. Wheweee it's light! I've tried blending it and it's just very, very pale. I ended up looking like a Palm Beach divorcee with my white ringed eyes. No bueno, folks. So, I would use this as a lightener for bronzer or blush or foundation. All shots taken indoors, without a flash.

Above shows both of my eyes with the Pure Cover shades, to detail the difference. It's not huge, but #2 is just less shocking. Both could be a highlighter for shadow as well.

Comparison chart above! I love AL's swatches- they look so real, like I could touch them. To the right are my swatches showing a fade from product to bare skin. Do you have any of these? Or do you use liquid concealer or perhaps a brightener like BeneFit's OohLaLift creme? Or maybe BeneFit's Powderflage (which I'll review later). Concealer can be tricky to do well- just blend and if need be, practice. You'll get the hang of it and then bye-bye undereye shadows!


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