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Thursday, August 12, 2010

NYX Glitterati Cream Palette & Glittereyez

I have had this palette and thought I'd share some swatches and how to use them. NYX is a great, affordable brand and this can be picked up HERE for $13.00 US. It features 21 creamy, glittery shades that affix without a sealant and are high glam. My swatches match the palette and below, were taken indoors, without flash in natural light.

Below are the same swatches, outdoors in bright sunlight. Hello glitter!

As I was removing the glitter from my arm, I noticed when I swiped the makeup, it did this great slide of colour that inspired me to do an eye look, using all glitter! It's like a comet of sparkle.

So here are my glittereyez! I started with sunset type effect using the first row of colours and blending them, starting left to right (without the bright pink on the end).

Sunset Strip Glittereyez

I then used the bottom row and went for a jewel tone look. I loved the central red/plum/gold fire in the middle of the lid.

Jewel Tone Glittereyez

The great thing about these glitters is that what you see in the pan is what you'll get. The blues and purples and golds offer a lot of glittery payoff and it doesn't fall off into your eyes. What you won't get is long lasting wow. It seems to be wax/cream based so it'll slide into weird chunks on your lids unless you use a sealant like Model in a Bottle or powder with a clear silicone powder. I set mine with hairspray (close your eyes when you spray) and it helped, but it did slide. So use a powder base and pat, not blend.

On my lashes I used CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara and NYC liquid liner in JetBlack. Overall cost for all of these products: $22.00 US. Is that a steal or what?!

Go grab this and get your glitter on! Above is my comparison chart showing the circle swatches from NYX's website and my swatches in squares beneath. Hope it helps!



Heather / Eyeconic said...

The eye looks are soooo pretty! I totally want this now, I would use them as liners :3

BLIX said...

I've always wanted to try these glitter palettes but I heard they were terrible. Probably just takes some time playing with them to see how they work for you. I will snag one next time I go to Ulta!

TianneMarie said...

Hey Heather! I think a liner would suit these great. They're a bit slippery once they warm to your body temp, so a sealant is a must. Tell me how it works for you, okay?

Hi Blix! They aren't awful as far as palette to face comparisons go, but they do slip and it's hard to keep them in the right place. I had to lacquer mine a bit. Let me know if you pick one up. :)