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Thursday, August 19, 2010

15 Milani Lip Glosses and 6 Milani Lipsticks: Nars Orgasm Lip Gloss Dupe + Swatches!

Hi there!

If you want beauty on a budget and don't want to pay up to $16.00 for one lip colour, then consider the more inexpensive brands. You girls in the UK have Barry M and Sleek, we US girls have NYC and Cover Girl...but then I love Milani. Some of it is listed as being made in Italy, some of it in Los Angeles...who knows. BUT the lip colours are all phenomenal and work as well, if not better than some of my MAC. Say whaa?! They do. Ebay will get you a lot of these for cheap and if you are lucky to have a CVS nearby, stock up. Here are some swatches of the Milani I love and treasure:

First off, Crystal Gloss. Each of these are yummy fruity scented (like apples or berries) and have a sheer, sleek texture without the goop or tackiness. Okay, is Rendez-Vous amazing or what?

From left to right:

Smooch- slightly shimmery raspberry red
Tantalizing- glimmering orange coral with hints of gold
Frozen Fantasy- iced beige/nude with frost
Rendez-Vous- royal purple with black/blue shimmer

Next up, the LottaLip Lip colours I have. I've only got 3, but I like them. They apply like a melted lipstick and feel like a gloss.

From left to right:

Risky- Perfect pink a la Barbie
Passion- Deep wine infused red with shimmer
Oh-Mega- Iced beige

I have more of the plain lipglosses than I do anything else. I like the shape it's easy to use and the doe foot applicator doesn't leak when it's closed. I hate that. Then the tube is sticky and then no matter how great the colour is, it loses favor since it's messy.

From left to right:

Tres Pink- soft pastel pink, opaque texture
Sweet Lips- muted rose with pearl
Clear- um....yeah
Brazilian Rum- Sassy coppery wine- love this!
Oasis- bronze coral with a powerful shine
Coral Shimmer- Nars Orgasm lip gloss dupe, for real. Peachy coral shimmer
Sherbet- icy pink mixed with nude
Dressed Up- reddish fuschia with glitter

I have 6 lippies in the tube. I have to admit, I adore these. They perform like Lancome- rich, smell plummy like Estee Lauder and sometimes come in this geometric pour that is really chic. Strike A Gold came that way and it's fascinating.

P.S. Skip Illamasqua's gold lipstick and get this- half the price and just as good. Just sayin'.

Since the tubes are all jumbled in my vanity (an antique side table that I love) here they are, according to the swatch:

Strike A Gold- Mayan gold lipstick. Fabulous
Sexy Rose- muted plum fuschia with mauve glimmer *MAC Syrup dupe
Energized- Fire engine red
Coral Cabana- Warm apricot shimmer
Naturelle- forgive me for this...but seriously, it's nipple pink.
Malt Mocha- latte brown pearl

I'm so coveting their Glitzy Gloss (UPDATE March 2013, bought and swatched HERE) but haven't ponied up for it yet. Especially Movie Star since I'm on a blue gloss kick. I'm also jonesing for NYC's Luster lipstick. It's a weird grey/beige that haunts me. Wants! What lippies are you craving?

Have a great day,


Heather / Eyeconic said...

The crystal gloss looks awesome! I love Milani lip gloss. I have the bright orange shade of the 3D gloss, and I love it except for the gaudy packaging.

MartianDelights said...

I'd love to try the milani glosses, some of them look really glittery :)
Will have to pluck up the courage to fork out on very expensive postage from Cherry Culture one day... or maybe more actively look for them :)

Robyn said...

Barry M and Sleek are pretty rubbish for lip glosses, tbh. Some BM lipstick are good, but I still wish we had milani!

瑰潼 said...

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MartianDelights said...

I agree with Robyn. I haven't tried the Sleek lipglosses, but the Barry M ones I have (in tubes or with the wand) are really watery :(