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Friday, August 6, 2010

Lime Crime Magic Dust, swatches

Hi there!

I've read the controversy regarding Lime Crime and I won't post about it, simply because it's just not important to me to get involved. I have 23 Lime Crime full size shadows (some are in the smaller 5g- for the same $12 price as the other 10g jars). One is a glitter that I can't find a swatch for.

Let me say this- I like the marketing, I like the idea and the products themselves pay off. LadyBurd is a supplier for some cosmetics who rename and call them theirs, but no one seems to harass about that. I doubt the executives at MAC are mixing colours. All that aside, I do get the point though- it's not good to represent yourself unfairly. BUT as I'm not in the know to really determine what is and what isn't- I have to stick to what I do know.

I do know that Xenia/Doe/etc has been friendly and courteous any time I've dealt with her. The products really perform. They're very finely milled and are very, very pigmented. I hate to say it, but if I want bright shadows that won't bug my eyes- I use these. Don't throw virtual tomatoes at me, please! I figure if someone can sell a cardboard box on Ebay and call it a 'Magical Time Machine' (seriously, folks) then a matter of some eyeshadows is hardly (dare I use the pun) a crime. Besides, until I have literal absolute proof that these are repackaged (as many brands have exact dupes across the board, mica is mica) I won't make any claims. It's not my right to call a guess a conclusion.

Anyway, if I want to buy it, I will. In this case, I did. Here are the swatches:

Above is regular indoor light without a flash. They're very bright except Princess Caraboo which is a muted forest green.

Above was taken outdoors, full sun. I love Mirror Mirror and Twilight. Both are really stunning.

Sorry for the blur, but the shade is the same, just not the exactness of the shot. Medusa is tricky. It's almost black with 'something' in it...green, blue? I don't know...but it's pretty much black.

I really like the Love Spell glitter. It's basically a bright gold glitter with a gold base. I have it in the smaller 5g jar with the old stripey label (before the unicorn) and I'm not sure when these were released. I saw a few other shades like Vixen, Enchant and a couple of other glitters offered as well (On Ebay, from Australia, go figure)...so who knows about those. Nice glitter though.

Detail of Siren and Fairy Wings, since these didn't show up so well on the swatches. Siren is THE red. I love it. Love it! Fairy Wings applies white and then gleams pink with aqua sparks. Nymph does similar, applies white, then sheens gold. Snow Queen applies white as well and then sparks in bright aqua.

Here's my comparison chart! I hope it clicks to a larger photo.

Bottom Line: Are they worth $12 a jar. Not in the slightest. But I discovered LC before any other mineral makeup and subsequently, collected the set offered at the time- before lipsticks, when the Magic Dusts were the only product. It doesn't make sense that Fyrinnae can charge half and have custom blended, beautiful, high performing shadows. It's all in the marketing, I guess.

So, if you LOVE the idea of Lime Crime and enjoy the marketing Doe Deere (Xenia) offers, then be my guest. But if you're looking for value, you might want to look around. In the meantime, these are offered (some of the shades, like 1 or 2, if they're not sold out) for 40% at http://www.limecrimemakeup.com/ Feel free to check it out!

Have a great day,


LiisK said...

Awww, reading this hurt my wallet - I could almost sense it twitch... I'm glad you now know about TKB and have even ordered some :)

Baroque In Babylon said...

Hi LiisK! I agree with you on the wallet...wish I'd known. It would've affected my purchasing greatly. I do like TKB but their shipping is outrageous! Thank you for finding me- I love your blog- it's information central!

LiisK said...

When I entered teh MMUniverse I was so very lucky to stumble on Simply Naturals' instead :D (also TKB colors but only 1,5$ per jar).

Thank you for the compliment :)