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Friday, August 6, 2010

Lime Crime lipstick, swatches

The colours I'm going to review, comparison chart above. They could be photoshopped (the lips are all the same) but I didn't make the photos, so I won't speculate- all I've got to say is that the colours look beautiful and the detail and clarity of Lime Crime's swatches are appealing. To the right is a swatch of my lip, indoors, no flash, wearing the colour. I wish Cosmopop looked like the swatch on LC- WHERE is a lippie like that?!! Someone find it, email me and I'll go get it.

I only have the 3 Lime Crime Candyfuture Lipsticks. They're $16 each, which is pricy to me, for an upstart brand. I can get MAC with my pro discount for cheaper. But, the tube is cute (same shape as MAC) but in a purple/pink glossy base with holographic stars and a unicorn. I do like them- not for the cutesy-ness, but just because it's creative. If these were around 10 bucks or so, I'd order more. But as it is, I will wait until they go on sale.

In the photos above (one in bright light, the other just outside lighting) you can see from outside of the lips to the center, Airborne Unicorn, Centrifuschia, and in the middle, Cosmopop. On top is some mega slick gloss- Aquafina lip quench. It's just goopy, clear gloss that's like $2 at Wal-Mart (mega discount chain in the US). The top lip photo looks like I'm grouchy, ha ha. Here are more detailed reviews:

Airborne Unicorn- applies thick but creamy. The colour is a pale lavender shade that isn't shiny or drying. Just well, thick, like concealer almost. It reminds me of stage makeup. It does last (darker shades like Styletto can stain) BUT it doesn't have a scent (it should though, or else you think of clay for some reason due to the texture being so dense). I was hoping it would smell good at least. It just smells like, makeup- waxy. I used this in a book publication on Princess Amerah and she liked it. So do I. It's a great 'purple' lipstick.

Cosmopop- I really wanted this to be that rich peachy shade from the website. Like an orangesicle. But it's kinda like flesh tone, but with an orange tint and it's thick as well. I know these are 'opaque' and to me that means, heavy. I'd like these to be a little less thick and more smoothable. MAC creme lipsticks are similar (like Myth) so I can't grumble too much. I do like it, but it's really pale. But I use a red lipgloss on top and it rocks! I'll post a photo later, if you'd like.

Centrifuschia- Oh bright pink, how I love you! I really think this is a wearable shade. I think ladies with darker skin and very pale skin alike could wear this. It's a vibrant, flaming magenta that isn't thick like the others. It's very rich and you can see from the photo, it's smoother. You don't see smear lines or 'gaps' in application...it swipes on fully. Out of all the lippies from LC I have, this is my fave. It's exactly what it's described to be and I really like it.
I don't feel these lipsticks are drying- they're just thick. I wish they had a fragrance and they're expensive. BUT, I really want My Beautiful Rocket and Retrofuturist. If they ever go on sale, I'd love to grab them. What do you think of Lime Crime's lipsticks? Would you go bright blue or black or orange?



KittenMittens said...

I might give these a go if they went on sale just to see for myself but I still feel kinda ripped off when I bought 7 jars of glitter at the crazy $12 not knowing I could get the same elsewhere (I wasn't a very good googler lol)
If they went uber cheap I'd like to try:
Great Pink Planet
Oh No She Didn't
Airborne Unicorn
My Beautiful Rocket
& Maybe Countessa Flourescent.

TianneMarie said...

I did the same when I first discovered Lime Crime and didn't realize I could get a better bargain. What glitters did you get? I'd love to see you review them! I could send you a sample or two, if you'd like :)