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Friday, August 6, 2010

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty: Alurabliss Blue Lip Gloss

I've been on a hunt for a good blue lip gloss. For some reason, I couldn't find one. I had a Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush in Spring Fling- but it was really clear on. Smelled great though!

So, in my search I came across Kevyn Aucoin's Alurabliss Blue. It's the Liquid Cyber Lip gloss collection and I've not really bought a lot of Aucoin's line. I have massive respect for his kindness, his contribution to makeup artistry, and have all of his books....but didn't pick up the cosmetics. Oh do I regret it.

LOOK at this beautiful blue tube of fabulousness!!

Comes in a 0.3 oz tube and it seriously glows all on its own. I am in love with this and it's in my top 3 product of this summer. I only wish I'd found it sooner. Click HERE to buy from Kevyn Aucoin Direct online. It's a bit expensive (one big reason why I avoided KA's line) at $27 US per tube...but you can find it cheaper on Ebay. The shot below I didn't edit one bit. Man, I love a good sparkle.

Applicator is a sleek brush, which I prefer to a doe foot applicator. The end of the tube's handle goes from a deep black to a shimmery crimson, which I thought was chic.

Here is is on my bare lip- OH glory!

Close up swatch on my lip below with a flash. You can't see a ton of 'blue' but over a Nude or a red, I know this would look very cool. What do you think of blue lip gloss?

Close up below (sorry, my camera isn't the best) of a glop of it on my hand. You can see that it's pretty clear but has a decent blue tint. I'm also coveting Milani Glitzy Gloss in Movie Star. I can't find it here in Utah and may have to just buckle down and buy it online.

So if you're looking for a blue gloss too, I recommend this one. It doesn't have a fragrance, so that's a downer and the glitter does have that scritchy feeling on the lips, but I figured that with a glitter. If you want a cheaper version of the formula and maybe not in blue, the texture of this is almost identical to Victoria's Secrets Very Sexy glosses (not the tubes, but the actual brush wand glosses)...so you could try those too! In the meantime, I'm rockin' my blue gloss as much as I can!



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