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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hi Fi Cosmetics Labyrinth Collection: Which Way, part II

Here's the follow up to the Labyrinth Collection LOTD I created using Hi-Fi Cosmetics. If you haven't checked out this collection yet, please do. Samples are very, very generous at $1 a bag and she offers the whole collection as samples for $8.99. All of Veronica's products are well made and hold up wonderfully- go see!

So I used black liquid eyeliner to draw the detail around the eyes. The rest, I kinda winged it. I hardly ever plan it out. I usually just start and then see what happens. I mess up a lot or it doesn't quite click. Alex Box, I am not. Take a look:

Below, I used a technique I call 'netting' onto my cheeks. Find a lace/netted/sheer fabric in a woven pattern you like, apply blush on top (stretch the fabric across the area you want colour) and then the pattern transfers onto your skin.

Above was indoors, with flash. I have a turtle mouth at this angle, ha ha!
On this cheek I used a more thick weave on the fabric so it's not as apparent. I applied Wildflower Rocks! Rouge from Aromaleigh heavily with my MAC blush brush. Okay, not to be gross, but I used a lace thong (HA ha, TMI, I know) to get this pattern.
Above and below, you can see another texture. I used fishnets hosiery with Slime and Snails shadow on top of Wildflower blush. Thank goodness, no more chones, right!
Eye detail and colours I used below:

Eyes: Slime and Snails onto inner 3/4 of lid and inner lower lashline. Blended Lost and Lonely into crease and lower lashline into Slime and Snails. Down in the Underground I blended with Live By Passion ( a free sample Veronica sent along, a vibrant purple based fuschia, thank you!) along browbone and outer V. Black liner is NYC liquid liner in Jet Black Mascara is a nearly dried out Maybelline Lash Stiletto.
Cheeks: Wildflower and Between the Stars mixed (lavender sheen is the BTS shadow) and Slime and Snails for texture.

Lips: Cotton Candy by Besame lip glaze with Pink Besame liner.
Face: Ben Nye Cake foundation in Bisque.



Robyn said...

Your thong, your face! I wish I had bought Lost and Lonely! I love the netting thing, it never works out when I try it, though. Maybe I need to try a bigger net, rather than regular teeny fishnets?

TianneMarie said...

LOL Robyn, it was a NEW thong, might I add ha ha...that way I don't see followers drop like flies. Had tags n' everything! It just had some great lace :).

I used fishnets that had a large net and the trick is to hold them still while you pat. I used my dominant hand to hold the stockings and my weaker hand (left) to apply the makeup.

MartianDelights said...

Wow Tianne this look is just beautiful :) x