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Saturday, August 21, 2010

De-Lurk and Update and Red Eyeliner!

Me at a petting zoo with the same hairbow and my octopus bracelet. I love baby sheeps (my word for them) as they are so sweet.

Hi everyone! It's bright and early where I'm at and I have to hit the ground running! I have a shoot today at noon (NEW PROJECT YES!) involving three models and using a deck of cards as the framework, we're creating some pre-production images involving a casino. The original Lois Lane Ms. Kidder is involved and we're excited to get some images going. Utah isn't known for big name pull unless production is brought in out of state (ahem, LA). So I am always grateful I get involved in anything at all. Thank you Utah film! So to get ready, I have a lot to do and this post will be quick.

The look I went for is based on red. Red hairbow, red eyeliner (Lime Crime's Siren eyeshadow, no less) with red lips- Besame's Red Hot Red and Red Berry Lip Glaze. For my blush, Aromaleigh Rocks! in Firewoman. I love red and I thought it would make my skin look uber-pink, but surprisingly, it didn't. It brought out the blue of my iris colour too.

I don't wear a lot of makeup on set, I'm too busy, but this works. Slight baby wing of red at mid lid and carried onto the lower lashline. Entire lid colour is Seed Pearl by Aromaleigh.

Mascara is Lash Blast by Covergirl (waterproof, it's hot under lights). Finishing powder is silicone fine milled powder from Coastal Scents and foundation is Clinique Anti-Age wear (or something like that) in a shade I don't remember. Whoops. It comes in a big glass pump jar.

So if you're lurking, please come out of the cyber-woodwork and leave a comment and say hello! Also, check out my "A-Ha Moment". It's my weight loss mega effort or The Morten Marathon for my upcoming Europe trip this fall. Cheer me on while I lose the weight! Thanks for stopping by! OH! Meow Cosmetics, Spell Cosmetics, Hi-Voltage Cosmetics, and SudsNSass are all having sales! Check twitter or their sites to find out.


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