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Friday, August 6, 2010

Carolina Summer swatches, Aromaleigh (except 5)

The ones I'm missing are: Shell, Catteleya, Willow, Tide, and Lagoon. (But you can pretty much dupe these with Pure Eyes Mattes in Fawn, Eros, Umber, Copen, and Wave).

Carolina Summer- really these are the best shades if you're looking for neutrals and some with a kick (take that Urban Decay Naked palette- booooring). Best part is, these are cheaper, around $6.35 at the 10% off discount- add another 30% off with the ADIEU35 discount and you'd be silly to not atleast get Slate and Heron and Oyster. All of these are wonderful shades and I use these the most on film. They're universally appealing and apply smoothly. I'm thinking of pressing some, just for a travel kit. (I also use less transluscent powder with flyaway pigment too). Here are the swatches, outdoors, full sun: Sorry for the HUGE Starfish and Marina swatches. I had done all of my full sizes and forgot I had these in samples...so I ran and did these really quickly by themselves. I love Marina tho!

Above are the swatches, indoors. They darken a lot, but really, Heron is such a smooth stormy grey blue. Sand is exactly the colour of well, sand. These are very much mattes. Not a sparkle in any of them. Please sample these- they're not advertised a lot with AL fans- but I wish they were. They're all very lovely and wearable shades, especially if you have brown eyes or are a brunette.
Do you like these shades as well? Which one is your favorite? I have to tell you that Slate reminds me of MAC Copperplate...but I will have to swatch to be sure. Happy shopping, friends!


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