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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beach House from Suds N Sass

The only time I'd put soap in my mouth willingly!!

What is it: Suds N Sass Beach House (fragrance) soap $8.00 per bar
Where: http://www.sudsnsass.com/
Who: Beach House fragrance can be used in a perfume, scrub, moisturizer, wax tart- you name it. Suds N Sass will whip up any of your ideas and package them like a present. Prices are reasonable (puts LUSH to shame), shipping is kinda high but is efficient, and customer service is top notch as Elizabeth is quick and friendly.

To be honest, I haven't ordered a thing from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Nor do I have custom fragrances (other than one I get for my sister at The Body Shop)...but then Elizabeth at Suds N Sass sent me Beach House in a 4ml spritzer tube.

The scent and I are in love. We got married and now have Beach House soap. It starts kindergarten next week. Like the photo says, this stuff smells so good I just want to devour it up and slather myself in it. Yep, like Crisco. Ha!

Seriously though- I LOVE the scent. It's warm and coconut and ocean and what your skin smells like at the ocean if you were a gorgeous supermodel in St. John. With a million- no, two million bucks! It's to die for. Take a look at how fab this soap is. It's like an ocean wave in a bar. I adore it.

The top layer is moisturizing and the bottom is smooth and the whole bar is dense and lathers perfectly. It doesn't melt away to nothing and the fragrance is just enough to wow you without creating a smell bomb. Oh man, I am going to put these in my disaster storage so that all that's left is me, my soap, twinkies and the cockroaches.

That's me holding the soap (huge, huh!) over my bathtub. Can we say RELAX?

As a nice sample, Elizabeth sent along a Birthday Cake bubble bar. It fizzed up, turned my bathwater pink and my daughter loved it! But you can't separate me from my Beach House. We're a match made in heaven and I am really hooked. It takes a lot for me to abandon my CK Euphoria and this did it. I've been stopped while putting gas in my car and asked, "What is that? It's so wonderful!" So I tell them Beach House! And write down Suds N' Sass' website on the back of my business card.

Elizabeth, this is geniusly yum. Thank you for introducing me to it. I plan to be buried with it. Amen :) For real, I know I'm usually positive in my reviews, but this is a WOWZA sort of fragrance. At least try the small perfume ($10 min order at SNS) and a new bubble scoop in Tutti Frutti!


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