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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Professional Profile: J. Lynne Cosmetics

While doing my usual makeup hunt online, I came across J. Lynne Cosmetics out of Arizona. Thankfully they're approved by the Mineral Makeup Mutiny and I'm pretty sure these items are going to stack up in the MMU world. Here's a blurb on the site about the company:

Jessica Lynne Miller (photo above) is the namesake, owner, creator, and all around busy-bee behind J.Lynne Cosmetics. She began researching and developing her own line of mineral makeup after years of using "traditional" cosmetics that were irritating her sensitive, acne-prone skin. Jess began learning about the benefits of mineral makeup, and selecting the highest quality natural cosmetic ingredients, she began researching, developing, and creating her products. With the launch of J.Lynne Cosmetics in January 2005, Jess brought her dedication to pure, natural cosmetic solutions to the world. Her desire is simple -- to create a mineral makeup collection with high-quality products that will help her customers feel "purely beautiful, naturally you!"

They have a few items on their site that look really appealing and soft. I'll describe a few with photos from their site...
Above are the Ultra Intensity Eyeliners- dramatic, sparkly shades (psst they sell the sealant too, very similar to AL's eyeliner sealant).
These are the Goddess Glow finishing powders and remind me of the Ultra Finishing Powders from Aromaleigh. Gotta try!

The 5 pretties above are the Fountain of Youth blushes- meant to give a lovely glow and I'm drawn to the one on the top left named, Serenity. It reminds me of Sin by Nars.

This collection of eyeshadows called Japanese Garden is so soft and beautiful...It reminds me of En Pointe and Opulent Lustre mixed together by AL...I'm not sure of the texture. They're listed as "Satin Pearls Eyeshadows" so I'm super intrigued to see the shades and swatch them.

A final product that caught my eye were the FX glosses. They look like really wearable shades and I want to give the formula a go.

Perks of J. Lynne- Customer referral program, samples come in jars at about $1.25 a jar (foundations, primers, etc are slighter more at around $2.50 $2.75 ish). You can get customer rewards (this program is in the making) and you also get a free sample eyeshadow with purchase!

I want to give J. Lynne a try. Anyone ordered from them?

If you want to check the site out here you go: http://www.jlynnecosmetics.com/
Happy Shopping!


Heather / Eyeconic said...

I've been curious about them for a while, I'd love to see you do a review.

TianneMarie said...

Thanks Heather- I've got some stuff coming and I'll be sure to post it. I'm glad you stopped by!