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Monday, July 26, 2010

Valentine 2009 swatches, Aromaleigh

Get ready for romance! Here is the Valentine 2009 collection from Aromaleigh. I also did some swatches a bit ago of this onto white paper and frankly, they weren't so good. I try to be creative and sometimes it's ineffective. So here are some more helpful swatches that show the colours more accurately.

Above is indoor light, without a flash.

Above are the colours in direct sunlight, outdoors. There's a bit of a shadow as the sun was really bright and I tried to get the angle right. I tried :)
Close ups. I feel like these always showcase the colours better. I really like Pillowtalk and Affair in this shot. Hot Stuff is a great pinky red with a bit of sparkle to it.
I love the neutrality of this collection. These are all easily usable on a daily basis. I have tried Hot Stuff as a blush and it works out great.
Be Mine is a tricky shade to capture. It appears to be a frosty pale yellow. But in reality it blends into a pale ivory with a lot of pink and blue interference. It's a beautiful highlighting shade.
Comparison chart! Aromaleigh on the left, my swatches (sunlight) on the right in the rectangle. Feel free to click if it'll get larger or right click save to use for shopping. Enjoy!


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