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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Twilight Supernatural Powder Dazzle swatch, Aromaleigh (No, Rob won't show up if you wear this)

In case you've been living on a glacier for the past 4 years, the clip above is Bella's first glimpse of Edward (the vampire she meets in high school, squee!) with his 'diamond' like skin. I am going to risk getting rotten fish in the mail by saying that I am not a Twihard. I'm not even a Twimedium. I read the books but I think they're kinda.....lame? I liked them, shoot, Stephenie Meyer is LDS and went to BYU gosh darnit! But, I just didn't get all googly eyed and wobbly kneed over Robert Pattinson. I think his face is kinda flat and Bella looks grumpy and constipated every scene I watched. I like the cars the best. Oh and the Cullens' house- I love modern.

That being said, Aromaleigh put out 3 powders meant to get your vampire thing on. Twilight Lustre is kinda sparkly. Twilight Sparkle is rather sparkly. Finally, Twilight Dazzle is crazy sparkly! I sampled Dazzle- the most sparkl-ay of them all! This is a white based powder with enough wattage to blind all the deer should you choose to reveal yourself in a meadow. It's glittery in a not so subtle way, but somehow isn't chunky. It's classy teenage glitter! Actually, it's rather lovely and I love the prismatic effect.

Use a sealer spray like Model In a Bottle or your vampire will go the way of Cinderella's coach in a matter of minutes instead of at midnight.

There's a little pile of Dazzle on neon paper and you can see the rainbow sparkle (that's so hard to photograph clearly). This wasn't taken with a flash. Shot was indoors.

Above (and I know you're laughing at my drawing ha ha)- I had to do something different as I took loads of photos and white sparkly powder can get mixed up with Illuminators and Silk Powders in a row of thumbnails- BUT vampire lips aside, you can see how this glitters! I took a Kabuki and just dabbed like crazy over the red lipliner (Besame Red fyi).

It's blurry but egads, look at the sparkle! It's very Edward-y. If he wore red lipliner. The shot above was taken indoors with a flash.

This shot shows the approximate size of the glitter. It's bright, so if subtle is your type this probably won't do. I would love to see this heavily sealed as an eyeshadow highlight, just above the browbone. I tried over and over to get a clear, pristine snapshot, but the light was bouncing so much in all different glints of sparkle that it was impossible. All I have to say is this- if you like sparkly face powders buy this- you'll love it! (Just don't go biting people)


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