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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Swatches: Hi-Fi Cosmetics The Labyrinth Collection

What: The Labyrinth Collection

Who: Hi-Fi Cosmetics (Etsy shop)

10 eyeshadow colours based on the Jim Henson and David Bowie dreamboat extravaganza, "The Labyrinth" (13 year old sigh entre here)

Retail: $4.99 for 5g jar, sample (only sold in set of 10 for $8.99 as far as I could tell)

Not since Aromaleigh have I seen such beautiful eyeshadows. These I am going to get all in full-size. Somehow. Someway. Oh yes, the Labyrinth Collection is HEAVEN!

This is my first experience with Hi-Fi Cosmetics. You can shop their swag HERE.

I have to admit, since I knew Aromaleigh was going out of business I really did think, "Well, there's the end of great eyeshadow. The rest are all kinda blah in comparison." I'm grateful to say that Hi-Fi is exactly what I was hoping to find! The glimmer is unreal- the multi dimensional effect is to die for.
Here are some swatches:

My favorite was Slime and Snails- a lovely pale sea green with flecks of lavender and pink. It's what you wished your prom dress could look like. It's my favorite eyeshadow of all time. I own hundreds, so this is a steep achievement. I love this.
The rest are pretty incredible. Lost and Lonely, Down In The Underground...they have a real luminous beauty that is hard to put into words. Seriously, just order them and email me what you think. I know you will love them.
Wow. That's all I have to say. Wow.

If you don't order these samples ($8.99 for the collection) you are missing out on really, the best collection I've seen in a long, long time. None of them are bombs. There are a few brownish shades, but they each have a unique appeal. Hooray!

And just in case you were born after 1986 or have lived under a rock- here's a clip from the film. It's what every girl wishes she could be at 16. Plus, David Bowie is well....let's just say no one does wigs and stretch pants like David Bowie.

Happy Shopping!


BLIX said...

I really like the colours but my sister and I are a bit disappointed with the names of the pigments. I feel it would have been better to name them something that really makes you think of the movie without knowing the collection is inspired by the Labyrinth. The only two that spoke to me were Slime and Snails and Down in the Underground.
They could be better IMO.

I still quote parts from the movie and some of those quotes would have made good names. I mean "nothing? nothing tralala?!" would have been a cute shadow name. Or Goblin King, Thirteen O'clock, Bog of Eternal Stench etc. would have been better to me.

With that being said, I still plan on getting the set. :-) They all look lovely and I want them.

Heather / Eyeconic said...

Great swatches! This collection is sooo hard to photograph, you captured the colors well. Hi Fi is my favorite company, I'm sure you will be super happy with any future orders :) So many amazing colors.

Robyn said...

Although after reading your review of this collection I'm probably going to buy the full set of samples, could you please describe in your words the following colors: Crystal Moon, Between the Stars, Land Serene and Valentine Evenings? TIA!

吳婷婷 said...


TianneMarie said...

HI Blix, I agree, so I later did some names. I think you could make some awesome makeup yourself!

Heather- they're my no. 1 now that AL is gone. I can't wait to dig in!

Robyn- Oh sure!

Crystal Moon- Sanded beige with copper and ivory sparkle.
Between the Stars- White undertone with pastel rainbow interference. Lots of pink, periwinkle, gold, and purple sheen in the light.
Land Serene- Apricot copper with gold sparkle.
Valentine Evenings- Deep golden bronze with orange and gold fire.

Thanks for asking!