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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Swatches Galore! Aromaleigh Elemental Lustre and Hot In The City

Hi all! I wanted to do some swatching while these shades were still available. I haven't seen a lot of swatches for either of these collections, so here I go!

What: Aromaleigh Elemental and Hot In the City eyeshadows http://www.aromaleigh.com/ (soon to be discontinued Aug 1- so snatch these up with the 35% closing code of Adieu35)

Retail: $ 8.00 US for 5 gram sifter jar, $1.00 1/4 tsp in sample baggie

*Shipping to International no longer offered for NEW customers. Existing customers must have $100 min. order due to unfortunate Paypal scams, yuck*

For Elemental Lustres, I have them all swatched except Gleam which is a pure 24kt gold shade, very very similar to Ego. Here are Aromaleigh's swatches. These are all lovely, but some of my swatches are rather different- more metallic in sheen and less colour washed. For example, Torrid isn't a deep bronze it's more of a purplish sort of bronze. Weird. I wonder if these tend to separate and what I got was only a small portion of the intended full colour.

Elemental Lustres are my absolute, hands down favorite of Aromaleigh. They're so adult. They're beautiful and edgy and daring and sexy. I want all of them full-size. As in, now.

Here are my swatches, indoors natural light, without flash, next to the Aromaleigh shade. Some are dead on, some are not even close. But I swear I went over these twice to make sure I didn't have a goof up. Take a look:


Here they are natural light (no flash) as a group (I used my child's very tan arm as I have haggard pasty arms. Seriously, monkey hands, hate it....blech)

Indoors with a flash:
Outdoors, indirect sunlight in the late afternoon: AREN'T THESE GORGEOUS?!

Faves: Swank, Blast, and Underworld
Super Fave: Torrid (on the website it kinda hides, but in reality...oh wow...so luxe and variant. I love it)
Next up I have another collection that I feel didn't get enough notice but has some real stunners. Take a look!

Hot In The City. These are Aromaleigh's swatches from the website.

These are my swatches outdoors in indirect sunlight:

Indoors with a flash:

Indoors, no flash, natural light:

Favorites: (surprisingly, as I'm not much for pink based purples) Socialite, Lady Liberty, and Hoity Toity

Super Fave: Asphalt (dark black brown with hot gold sparkles- wow!)
Happy Shopping!


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