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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Spring Solstice swatches, Aromaleigh

Spring Solstice! These colours I felt weren't as 'visible' as say the Bete Noire collection...but they have some real keepers! I especially love Zinnia. It's a vibrant bright peach with a lot of sparkle (my swatches don't do it justice). I also loved Trillium a viciously minty mint green. Another unusual beauty was Calendula. It has a deep russet red undertone with some golden and brown sparkle that makes it a very wearable shade. If I were to buy full sizes of this group I'd buy Nasturtium, Zinnia, Trillium, Forget Me Not and Calendula. All of these are beautiful!

Above, indoors, indirect light without flash. They're still very pigmented and visible, even in low lighting.
Above outdoors, afternoon sunlight. Zinnia doesn't show it's peachyness on film, but in real life, it's eyecatching!
Here are some close ups. Look at Calendula- see what I mean? It's surprising, isn't it?
Ye Olde Comparison Chart. I found that May Lily wasn't green at all. More of a pale yellow, if anything. I did this chart differently. The usual Aromaleigh swatch for ordering online and then my colour swatches to the right. The difference being my swatch is broken down into two references: Indoor light and Outdoor light. Indoor light is on the top, outdoor on the bottom.
I did that because this collection was such a tease. Indoors it was quite muted sparkle wise, but outdoors they tended to match the AL swatches more accurately. I put both for comparison.
Hope these help and happy shopping!

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