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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sale! It's HOW cheap?! At Illamasqua

Those darlings at Illamasqua in the UK (cheap for Europeans, expensive for me- dorn shipping) are having a sale where some items are 50% off. I don't know if they're doing the online makeup version of a garage sale and getting rid of the low sellers, but the prices are definitely worth checking out.


My picks: Liason lip gloss (shimmery steel grey)Devout eyeliner cake (silver pearl) and Sin blush (wicked blackened plum)

They're a beautiful range with the brain/beauty of Alex Box's makeup artistry (look at the BOOK- it's heaven!) and their collection photos need to be hung in the MET. Some of them are below. Illamasqua caters to the daring club scene with some lovely muted shades and kitschy names (like lippies called Filth and Trash). I've wanted to order from them for a while. I'm part of their pro makeup artist program, but the shipping is costly and the dollar to pound ratio isn't in my favor. So...a sale like this is tempting!

Do you like Illamasqua? Would a price markdown cause you to checkout? Let me know!


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