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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rocks! Rouge swatches, Aromaleigh (minus 2)

Oh gosh, but I love these blushes!! Seriously, they are so multispectrum as far as colour blendability, skin tone adaptation, you name it! My favorite of the group is Wildflower. In the jar it looks a frightening macabre purple. But when you blend it on, it can be a rich violet or a soft, soft plum. I adore that one. The next fave is Sundaygirl. Again, in the jar it's a freak of an orange. But when you put it on....it's a lovely coral or a pale flush.

The swatches above I wanted to have in X's so you can see the actual shade from the jar (slightly rubbed onto ELF's Prime and Seal). Below the X is how it can look on the skin as it's only a small amount swirled into a swatch.

I purposely blurred these photos so you can see the shade and not be so concerned with the X or a streak. I wanted it to show like it would on the face. To the left is the big X of colour, then to the right is a pale swatch. I wanted it to portray the deep to pale variation.

I felt like Candy-O was what MAC Pink Swoon was trying to be. Candy-O is like Pink Swoon's hoochie older sister. Bright, bold, and irresistable! You can click HERE to view Pink Swoon. Can I just also say for the record that I despise MAC's online swatches for blush. They're all muted and blah. C'mon guys, make them look like the pan. Please?

Comparison chart above. I wish I had Femme Fatale and Breathless and I may pick those up with the final 35% off sale. I have a thing for having complete sets. I found those two to resemble the Gothic Lolita rouges, so I held off. But it nags me when I'm missing only a couple from a group. Do you get obsessive like that? I think, "Oh, I have similar. I don't need it." Then I stew over it and finally go, "But I only need those two and I'll have them AAAALLL!!" It's a sad but glorious thing to love makuep. Don't you think?


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