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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rocks! Lippies swatches, Aromaleigh (4 of 8)

Here are a few of the Rocks! Lippies from Aromaleigh. I only have 4 of these and I like them okay. I thought for sure I had more than 4, but after hunting through my house and old handbags (I leave stuff like a trail in every purse I use)...no such luck finding others. If I come across them, I'll swatch those too and edit the post.
They go on sheer and are based on the Rouge collection. You have to build these a lot to get a definite colour. I have to use a matte powder primer and then pile this on to get a full lip. BUT as a wash or top coat, they're great! The chart below shows which lip colour matches the Rouge counterpart.
They tend to be sheer instead of bright and slide on smooth, like a balm. I received all of these gratis from Kristen for review. She was always sending me great stuff to check out and I felt like a girl in a candy store- full of makeup!

Do you have any of these lip colours? What do you think? I think they're still available via Dormant Dream's Vault Sale Kristen has going on. If you like sheer lippies, I would get Blank Generation. Otherwise, skip these and go for the Bete Noires. I'll post those too!


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