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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rocks! Glitter swatches, partial only, Aromaleigh

I don't have a ton of the Rocks! glitters, but I do like the ones I have. I don't plan to order any more of these, but I would venture to say based on my swatches that what you see on AL's site is what you'll get. BUT you won't get a taste of the sparkley beauty and what glitter looks like in the sun. It's so pretty.

Here are the swatches of 12 Rocks! Glitters. Hopee you likee!

Above is the compariosn chart. I really hope it enlarges. If it doesn't, feel free to right click and save it. The complicated glitters were Prettyplease, Shakeitup, and Nowherefast. They hold pretty well but will definitely require a sealant. I try to find ones that don't burn or smell really strongly like alchohol. Out of what I've used (Temptu, Smashbox, ELF, ArtDeco) I like ELF the best. I like it even better at only $3 US!

Do you like glitter? Do you own any Rocks! glitters? I love the ones I have and I hope you pick up a few samples at least- they're a great deal!



KittenMittens said...

I love the glittters especially icingsugar and permafrost!

BLIX said...

I have all of the rocks! glitter. I'm always trying to get others to wear glitter but it seems people are afraid of it. Really, it's not that difficult to work with once you find a way that works for you. :-)

TianneMarie said...

Hi Kitten! I tried really hard to get icingsugar to 'show' and it was tough. I don't have permafrost, but I'm seriously rethinking my 'won't order again' stance. Rapture especially is calling to me!

Hi Blix! I hear you. Once you get a good fixative, it's not hookerish at all. I think people assume it's too garish- but I love it. The Berries glitter was awesome. Even the store check out ladies liked it. :)

KittenMittens said...

oOo you NEED permafrost! It's like icingsugar in that the glitter particles are see-thru and mega irredescent-y but they are purple-y pink instead of orangey yellow!