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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Retro Hi Fi Mattes swatches, Aromaleigh

I remember when Miss K announced the arrival of the Retro Hi-Fi Mattes. I was new to Aromaleigh and was in major colour heaven. Then when these debuted, I was literally in awe. I didn't know mattes could be so cool looking. It's like the best Kryolan paint, but in a non sparkle, super soft formula that wears. Great idea and this collection needs more attention than I think it got.

Above, the colours in indoor light, without a flash.

Above are the same colours, outdoors, very bright full sun. Not a sparkle in the house! Well, believe it or not, Cranked had some glimmer. The rest were like smooth flat paint. I love how it almost masks the texture of the skin.

My faves in this collection were: Supermurgatroid (of course, with a name like THAT), Big Tickle, Smokin, and Heels on Fire. These would be perfect to have a rainbow of, they're very versatile.

In Orbit was hard to foil. I had to apply several times. The same was true of Spaz. But once I got a good dose of colour on my brush (ELF's contouring brush, in water) things went smoothly.
Alright so there they are! Smokin' appears to be a brown, but in real life it had a tinge of purple. I really liked it. It would make a great liner. Below is the good ol' comparison chart. I love it when my swatches match with AL's website. These are seriously, 100% dead on. I'm grateful that AL has such consistently comparable swatches. It makes buying a pleasant experience because you know what you're going to get. Grab a few of these if you want a good, solid, bright matte (or even a lovely blue- the blues in this are very deeply coloured)....before they're gone for good!

Thanks for stopping by and I love these brights, don't you?



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