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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Aromaleigh Verve compared to Nars Orgasm and Pure Rouge and Pure Blush (2 shades ea, including Verve) swatches, Aromaleigh

I'm blushing! Well, let's say I wish I were. These shades are all part of Aromaleigh's Pure Rouge collection. I only have 2 of these. Yes, sad lonely 2. I want to get samples of them all, but with the wish list getting longer and longer...these might get skipped. Dang it!
Above are the Pure Blush samples (ignore the click to enlarge, that came as part of the pic). This swatch was so hard to hunt down but I'm glad I found it. I only have 2 of these as well: Peach and Mauve. These are suuuuper light- almost sheer and aren't available anymore. *sniff*

Swatches above are indoors, without flash on top of ELF's Prime and Seal (for colour adhesion). I also threw in Nars Orgasm blush as Verve is described often as a dupe for that. I beg to differ only slightly. Although Verve is very close, I found it to pale in comparison (sorry, bad joke, it's nearly midnight and I'm clacking away in my dark office). Take a look below:

I swiped Orgasm onto my cheek in a heavy stripe on top. The shot was taken indoors, natural light, without a flash. Then I followed it up with Verve right next to it. Orgasm has a more 'red' hue and lots of little bits of gold close-up. Verve is a lot lighter with more of a pinky pearl.

Can you see the gleam on Verve? I really felt these shots showed what I saw with my own eyes. I love the colour, but I don't think it matches up with Orgasm per se. What do you think? Above was taken indoors with a flash.

Here's a closer less red toned shot. I still think Verve is pretty light compared to Orgasm. As for colour preference, I think Verve might be easier to pull off than O on lighter complexions. On me (pale pale pale and PINK) I don't need a pinky blush with golden shimmer- I look reptilian a little bit. So I would use Verve to tone O down. Kisses Nars anyway.

Comparison chart to show my measly 4 shades. AL to the left, mine to the right. I wish the Pure Blushes were still available...hint hint...have you checked Ebay? A little bird told me Spice, Peach and Champagne were on there!


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