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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pure Eyes Frost swatches, Aromaleigh

Okie doke, here's another HUGE set of eyeshadows swatched out for ya. These ones I think you could buy and really get the A-Z of Aromaleigh, minus a good yellow or orange. These shades are really shimmery in the sun, but still hold colour in regular light. The swatches I took were in the late afternoon, so they're not as bright as morning per se, but you can still see what these shades look like.

Above are the colours swatched indoors, natural light without a flash.

Above are the same shadows outside in direct sunlight. If these don't click into a larger image, then feel free to right click save them to your hard drive and expand as you would like. If you repost, all I ask is you say you got them from me. Danke!

Here are close ups of each shade, indoors. You can see how pretty they are. I love how they translate the colour without being too bright or sparkly. These are great everyday shades and blend really well. Raisin and Tuscany are perfect! Bellissimo!

More close ups. In this set I really liked Jade and Desire. Cielo looks really pretty in the package and on AL's swatch, but in real life is a sky blue. Don't look at the grey above, it's not accurate.

Cosmos is my FAVE of this set. It's not periwinkle, it's not blue...it's seriously the universe you see in the Hubble telescopes somehow swirled into an eyeshadow. I do love it. Azure and Orchid and Baby are keepers too. At least sample this set- you will love it!

Here's the same colours outdoors, close up. I love seeing how these eyeshadows change based on the lighting. Outdoors they dazzle and spark- but still retain their colour. Hard to capture with a camera, but they are really nice. All of Aromaleigh's shadows are top notch. No foolin'.

Cosmos, I love you!

Passion is more purple in real life and Loden is like a dead ringer for Fyrinnae's Aztec Gold. I hate to say it, but I like Aztec Gold better. It's more smooth and silky. Love both though!
Lilac didn't really come out lilac. It's more of a whited lavender. But hey, it's a good twist on plain ol' purple!

Glow is interesting. It has a yellow tint to it, like a firefly. Baby is bright bubblegum pink. Heaven!

Here's my comparison chart! Feel free to click it to a larger photo. Keep in mind my swatches (the bars to the right) are foiled with water so they're not as dense as AL's swatches. So they'll look a bit 'washed out'. But if you make a decent line with these colours, they'll be very, very close to AL's swatches. Gosh I just love it when what I own matches what I see online! Thanks, Miss K!


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