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Monday, July 26, 2010

Pure Drama/Drama Queen Eyeliner swatches, Aromaleigh

Almost done with my Aromaleigh swatching marathon! These are the 'eyeliners' that are somehow just not mentioned very much. Or maybe I've been living under a rock. Either way, I hate to admit it, but I wasn't thrilled with these. Hence, I don't have every shade.

I found that there was only a small difference between the Pure Drama and Drama Queen eyeliners. Drama Queen liners were glittery, Pure Drama weren't as much. Both are nearly identical in shade difference, so I thought if I did a mix of both, you could see how they only differ in texture. At least, to me.

So here they are in semi sunlight. They were hard to see in regular light because the colours are a bit 'dense'. In that sense, I mean they don't really pop. They're dark and brooding and I had to foil a lot to get them to stick. I can see how with a sealant and a lot of application these could be a good liner. But with that much work, I'd rather use an eyeshadow. Make sense?

So here is the texture of the Drama Queen liners below. The Pure Drama liners are a satiny texture with a small amount of shimmer and are flat shades of either dark purple, black blue, and teal...which is a very blackened teal. Almost greyish.

Here is the sparkle below of the Drama Queen liners. The colours are identical to Pure Drama, just more sparkle :) I did faces on the swatches because I've been swatching for days now and need some....drama. (okay, bad joke)

Comparison chart below! I really wanted Drama Blue to be a WOW midnight blue, but it's pretty hard to get that wow factor. I don't know if it was just my method or what, but I'd pass on these. Find a shade you like that matches...like Divine Intervention from Gothic Lolita instead of Drama Topaz. I'd look at the Pure Eyes Lustre or that Gothic Lolita collection before I'd go for these. Love you though, Miss K!

Happy Shopping!


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