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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Professional Profile: Sugarpill Cosmetics

I came across this really eye-catching brand of cosmetics called Sugarpill. They feature loose eyeshadows and pressed eyeshadows both priced at $12.00. The packaging is so fun and well put together, I loved them for that alone! Creator Amy aka Shrinkle (isn't she darling?!) (with lovely DIY and bright club fashion) has worked on this line for years to perfect the bright, intense, and wearable colours meant to get you noticed. I picked 3 of my faves...leaning towards the pressed shadows since I already have loads of loose pigments, etc. Take a looksee!

Poison Plum- sexy shocking purple!

Flamepoint- Daring defiant orange!

Dollipop- Vivid vicious pink!
Click the image above to play the Shrinkle dolly dress up game- Okay I played it, I admit it :). Courtesy of Zambicandy via Shrinkle's blog: http://blog.shrinkle.com/

Check out the fashions, news, and for sure take a look at the cosmetics! I'm dying to try these colours- have you taken your Sugarpill yet?

Here's the lowdown-

Who: Sugarpill Cosmetics, founded by Amy aka Shrinkle
What: Loose and pressed shadows, fab packaging, dramatic eyelashes and glittery logo stickers (um, covet), and tutorials and reviews.
What to look for: Pressed palettes at $32.00, 4 colours in a pan and BRIGHT!


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