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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Princess Amerah and the Magic Dress: How to get your Princess Pout

I was so, so sparkled upon by a lucky star to be able to work with Justine and Andrew Green during the creative process of their children's book, Princess Amerah and the Magic Dress. You can get a copy of the book here: http://www.princessamerah.com/

A bit ago, I recieved a personalized copy in the mail. Princess Amerah is America's very own princess who helps young girls achieve their dreams and be the very best kind of girl. Justine and Andrew are darling, darling people and I count myself as fortunate to become friends with them during the course of developing the images for the book. Here's a sneak peek.

The man who portrayed Amerah's father was clean shaven, so I improvised a beard. :)
Princess Amerah's smile is Airborne!
The woman who portrayed Evil Nanny Olga was so regally beautiful and such a sweet lady that I felt badly she was shocked at first at the extreme makeup- but she did a fabulous job and she's still a rather lovely sorceress after all!

Since I did the conceptual makeup, I wanted to share how Amerah got her perfect princess pout!
What did I use? Lime Crime's Airborne Unicorn lipstick. It completely suits the idea of what a princess would wear!

Here's how I created Princess Amerah's sweetly perfect smile:

It's a luscious lavender shade with a hint of pinky plum underneath and applies thick and creamy. This isn't your sheer purple gloss. Nope, it's meant to be perfect, straight from the tube. It's a keeper! Plus I love the bright pink tube with the sparkly unicorn on it. Cute!

I lined Amerah's bare lips with Besame's lipliner in Pink.

I then applied Lime Crime's Airborne Unicorn across. One coat usually does it if you go slowly. I then reapplied liner on top and blended it to avoid the liner being too obvious.On top I smoothed Besame's Candy Pink lip gloss for a soft glow.

Voila! The perfect pink/purple pout, perfect for a princess!

Now watch Amerah try on chicbuds in a commercial for the earphones- she's such a doll!



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