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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pink Schwinn Beach Cruiser: LOTD "My Summer Valentine"

My husband bought me the sweetest bike yesterday. We live in a neighborhood overlooking a huge lake and there are hills, a golf course, trees, and I've been dying to ride around with the kids. So he went to 3 stores until he found one he'd knew I'd love. Behold, the pink beastie!!Like a true dork, I decided to base my eyeshadow and post it today. I wanted to ride the bike to Church but decided in heels and a skirt, it probably wouldn't work. But, oh! I'm gonna ride that thing tonight! I'm calling this look "My Summer Valentine" since all the colours are from the Aromaleigh Valentine 2009 collection and well, I'm in love with my bike!
None of the photos in this post are enhanced except the very last one :) and excepting the shots of the bike.
Here's what I picked: XoXo (glimmering pinkish lavender with plum sparkle), Pillow Talk (beige pink with lots of shimmer), and Hot Stuff (Red-Fuschia with deep wine sheen). Blush was Aromaleigh Rocks! in Candy-O (hot fuschia gorgeousness!).

On my face I used Clinique foundation in (I forget) with Maybelline Mineral Power powder in Ivory.

Lips- nada. I was lazy. Earlier though I had on Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush gloss in Slice Of Heaven (my fave- smells like cupcakes, yahoo)

Next are photos of the shadows and whatnot outdoors, full sun around 7pm. LOVE the sparkle!!

You can see in the photo above how beautiful Candy-O blush looks. I'm telling you, don't go by the jar- these Rocks! rouges (now discontinued) look fabulous on. Sometimes you can find a good AL trade via Facebook- look for Aromaleigh Anonymous and join.

I love the variance in this collection- dreamy pinks, rich browns, and beautiful purples and bits of gold and bright red. Heaven! Have I mentioned due to Aromaleigh closing they're offering their ENTIRE stock at 35% off...wowza! Just enter ADIEU35 upon checkout. At the very least, pick up the samples- only $1 each and they last a loooong time.

Off I go to ride my bike! I've got my pink Zune and pink earbuds (weird that I'm not a PINK person per se...but I'm seeing a trend) and I'm gonna rock to Queen's 'Bicycle Race'! SWEET!



MartianDelights said...

OH no ! I missed that post somehow in my google reader !

The pink bike is WAY cool ! Even more reasons to go out dazzling everyone with your sparkly eyeshadows ! xx

TianneMarie said...

Thank you! I love that darn thing. I ride it to check the mail, in circles in the cul-de-sac...you name it. :)