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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Perle Powders swatches, Aromaleigh (5 shades)

Hello again! I only have 5 of the many Perle Powders available from Aromaleigh. I'd love to have nearly all of them, since these are so versatile. I didn't catch on to these until late in the game and now with them closing, ah...the lust continues....and continues....

I have Afterglow since I read so many reviews about it being so mahvelous. Here it is on my cheek, closeup with a flash, indoors:
It's a bit of a shimmery bronzish shade that could work as a blush or bronzer if used sparingly. Well...on fair girls, anyhow. Guys too, I suppose. I really love Spectre though! It's a great mauve.

Lux is a good choice for that 'dewy' look, but I like AL's Magnolia Blossom powder better. Swatch above is indoors, without a flash, natural light. I swept the swatch further down so you could see it in a smaller, thinner manner than a big ol' stripe.

Above are the powders with flash, indoors. It looks like they're bleeding down my arm. Kinda cool. I love how light really gives credence to the "Perle" effect. They shimmer and without glitter have an opalescent effect that is great. Be careful around big pored areas (near the mouth, by the nose). Anything with sheen will sit and then suddenly you have nice big SHINY pores. Try a primer first (like BeneFit's Dr. FeelGood) or my fave, Smashbox Photofinish.

My comparison chart showing each shade and my swatch. Solace is a great pick me up and Precious would help with sallow skin needing a perk. Again, these can be blushes too and I love the subtlety these powders have. I might be able to get a few more as samples- let's hope!



KittenMittens said...

I have some of these babies too in sample form but there were so many to pick from I convinced myself I was good with just the Elemental Lustres instead :D

TianneMarie said...

Hi Kitten! I know, it's hard to choose what to get when you want it all. I do love the Elementals. I'm going to break down and at least sample the Perles. Which ones do you have?

KittenMittens said...

I managed to snag Twinkle, Whisper, Luminous, Allure, Illusion, Lux, Precious, Solace, Splendor, and Tickle. I've never used them mostly because I wasn't sure how at first, and then I just forgot I had them lol