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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Opulent Lustre swatches: Aromaleigh

Above are the Opulent Lustre eyeshadows from Aromaleigh. I swatched them on bare skin, foiled with water (no primer, these don't really need it). The shot was taken indoors, natural light, without flash.

Below is where these colours shine! Literally! I took this photo outdoors in afternoon sunlight. These shadows remind me of the rainbow if it were mixed with pearl dust. They all are shimmery, full colour, and at the same time are very soft.

My favorites in this are: Cloud, Cypress, Tamarind, and Dragonfly.

Here's my comparison chart. On the left are the Aromaleigh website swatches you see as you choose to purchase. On the right in the blocks are my swatches. These colours are not as deep as the Aromaleigh site portrays them. I think it was done dark so you could distinguish the basic shade. I would lighten what you see on AL's site and add a pearly shimmer to get a true sense of what the colour would be.

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Corbyjane said...

Thanks, Tianne-Marie! I've found your swatches SO helpful! It's really difficult to tell what some colours look like just based on the website's photos. I was really surprised when my Opulent samples came... I was expecting something completely different. That having been said... they're still so beautiful!

Josh Healy said...

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Thia Winter said...

I LOVE the opulent lustres, it's one collection that I literally have EVERY color of!

TianneMarie said...

Hi Corbyjane! Oh I love these too and they're tricky aren't they? I'm glad my swatches could help.

Josh- lol....spam, I bet.

Thia- I know! This one I could just snatch up! They're like silk on your eyes.