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Saturday, July 31, 2010

My naked face (Augh!): Voile 1c Aromaleigh

The only full size foundation from Aromaleigh I own is Voile 1c. $16.00 (US) for the BIG jar, 8 gram net weight of PRODUCT. Samples are 1/4 tsp and samples are no longer available. For the full size jars, as of today, are unavailable while Miss K refigures the availability. She is also limited single shade purchases to 2 jars only. I'm glad I got mine when I could!

Voile is described on Aromaleigh's site as:

What is "Voilé"? Voilé is finely milled and silky and contains Zinc Oxide, for full spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Voilé also utilizes advanced light-dispersing and skin-smoothing pigment technology.

What does "Voilé" mean? Voile= veil in French. (Voilé is pronounced "Vwa-lay"). Voile is also the name given to delicate, diaphanous cotton fabric. Voilé provides a lightweight, breathable layering for your skin... melding with your skin to give the appearance of perfection. It's "Your Skin... Only Better" (TM).

Here's mah jar! Man, I love this stuff!

Boy am I fug. GACK!
Above is me in all my naked no makeup glory. I'm one of those people who has what Catherine Zeta Jones calls "peehole in the sand" eyeball types. I literally have zero eye shape until I put on makeup. Also my nose photographs a bit bulbous (sexy, eh) but it's nice in real life! Ha Ha, the first photo I look like I'm asking a question. BUT, despite my little gripes, I am grateful. I know lots of people who have lost their faces to injury or burns and no matter what, I'm happy to be me and I don't mind feeling in my heart that I'm pretty. It's a blessing when you finally accept your looks in this media/beauty obsessed world.

As you can tell, the Voile really evens out my skin tone. It's a bit light, but I prefer that since I redden easily. I love how it has a smooth effect on my face and doesn't settle into pores and lines. I feel like I have a great canvas to work with once my foundation is on.

I like mineral foundation because it's easy to apply, for one. I get my kabuki out and swirl it onto my face. I have a Chanel kabuki that I really like. I also use ELF's flat top buffing brush ($3.00) at http://www.eyeslipsface.com (You can get it 50% off with coupon BESTSELL). Unlike liquid foundation, mineral makeup is more forgiving and I don't feel 'masky'. I'm always curious as to what women prefer, foundation-wise. Sometimes when I want a more heavy coverage I'll mix liquid foundation with my moisturizer and then use my mineral foundation as a powder. Works as a spot treatment too. How do you apply foundation?

Thanks for stopping by! I hope AL has their Voile up soon...when it comes up, if you haven't bought any, please do. I would pick a shade darker than your normal skin as this tends to run light. Happy shopping!


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